Sean Lowe: Nicest Bachelorette Contestant Ever?

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The Bachelorette contestant Sean Lowe may be the nicest guy ever.

Some new info about his life outside the reality show has been revealed, and unlike most of The Bachelorette spoilers you read in mid-season, it doesn't involve a breakup, a scandal, being on the show for the wrong reasons or anything like that.

On the contrary, it will simply make viewers love him even more.

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According to Reality Steve, last summer, two high school friends in Sean's native Texas were both patients at Dallas Childrens Hospital and passed away tragically.

Both sets of parents had said that their daughters' favorite show was The Bachelor, so all of their friends, now college freshmen, get together to watch it.

At their parties centered around the show, they remember their friends and talk about the children's hospital charity they're all involved in and so on.

This week, Sean Lowe, who lives in Dallas, paid them a visit.

No camera crews, no media. Completely spontaneous. He can be seen on his Twitter wearing wristbands in honor of the two girls who passed away.

Moreover, on June 13, he corresponded with Lauren Scruggs, the Dallas model that lost her left hand and one of her eyes in a helicopter accident.

He reportedly joined Lauren at her rehab appointment that day, to show support.

Details are scarce because he did all of this without seeking any sort of notoriety, but long story short ... Sean Lowe may be the nicest human being ever.

Think about it, Emily Maynard. Think about it!


Sean's such a gr8 guy! We all can see how he is. Emily likes him but if he's lacking $$$ He's out. Emily wants money and if he can't come up with enough to beat the CEO ($5million) or anybody else that's tuff. She has her weathly grandparents of Ricki so
she is walking a tight rope. It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I'm not sure
Alie has enough. Emily seems to have several facts about her that
would bear looking at. First, it was told Bret's season that the race driver was in fact dating and engaged to another girl. Emily just happened to find out she was pregnant and now a story is built up. I see the grandparents wanting to see and have Ricki but Emily
won't mess up the cashcow unless she gets more. It's all too fake and put on.


Sean seems to be such a good person. I've been following the bachelorette all because of him. I hope Emily is smart enough to pick him; he would make a good husband.


What a nice human being Sean is. He really doesn't have anything to worry about if Emily doesn't pick him. There will be thousands of girls in America wanting to date him. Such a Class act.


To Emily, nice is boring. She wants a man who is a challenge and has money!

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