Savannah Guthrie or Ann Curry: Who Would You Rather... Watch?

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Ann Curry will be fired from The Today Show any moment now.

So reports TMZ, which claims the anchor and the NBC morning program are simply haggling over contract details.

Curry is owed $20 million over the next two years and reportedly wants to pocket that dough and take her walking papers, while the network wants to give her half that amount and stick her as a foreign correspondent.

Either way, Savannah Guthrie has already struck a deal with Today and will take over for Curry as soon as she leaves, which prompts the obvious question: Which reporter would you rather... watch?

And the Winner is?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie? View Poll ยป

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Ann was the person who gave the Today Show any credibility. Matt has always been a lightweight and has stabbed Ann in the back because, when he tried, he couldn't get another job. Al is the same self centered bore he has always been. Savannah who?


I have only watched the show because of Ann. She is REAL. She is intelligent, caring, spontaneous and someone who always makes you smile or cry, depending on the segment! I can't believe how stupid the NBC network has become. So true, Merideth got so much of a send of and if Ann had not spoken up today...she would have just walked out without anyone saying anything! How cruel they are! NBC's today show has now lost me as a viewer as well. Let's see if Al and Matt can hold the fort down....don't think so! And if they were going to give to someone else, why not Natalie? Like Ann, she has paid her dues, but it appears, she, too, will be passed up for the new kid in town. are so stupid and don't deserve a true professional like Ann!


Anne is a class act. She's too good for NBC. They passed her up the first time for Meredith who is really the person responsible for killing the ratings. Meredith was plain boring! Meanwhile, GMA was building a strong brand and synergy between their anchors.
Anne can't make the ratings all by herself, and she surely didn't detoriate them all by herself. I agree with the others, get rid of baldy Matt and old Al and get some fresh new hot talent in there with some personalites! That's why GMA is kicking NBC's ass! Amy Robach knew it, and she got out. Now you see her on GMA.
Smart woman!


NBC execs who ousted Ann need a remedial course in personality types, like DISC or BOLT (R), Chemistry between Matt & Ann? Matt is a Bull-Owl and Ann is a Lamb-Owl. Bulls do not like Lambs. The Execs who made this decision are clearly Bulls - bottom-line, get to the point, money first. Bulls are very assertive and have a NEED to be right. Kathie Lee is a Bull, she chided her own Mother on the air. Bull Martha Stewart used to diss Meredith for imperfection in cooking segments. Lambs are compassionate people-pleasers, less assertive and will apologize whereas Bulls will call you out. Hoda is a Tiger - talkative, clutterer, loses keys, has to call cell phone to find it.
All of NBC decision-makers need to seriously study the BOLT(R) system, especially MATT, before you make any more STUPID MISTAKES! I have been a loyal viewer for many years, been to the plaza many times, met everyone and feel like the show is family, but now I'm divorcing NBC from my family.


So long NBC!!! What you've done to Ann curry is appalling! I wish her all the best and hope to see her on abc or CBS real soon! Nothing against savannah but she cannot replace Ann!


NBC should have got rid of Al and Matt as well. I only watched this morning to see Anne, and did not know how awful The Today Show is. Now I remember why I quit watching it. If they want young and fresh, replace the guys. Guess that won't be happening with Matt's new contract. Matt now looks like an old, bald Meerkat. Ugh! Who wants to see that first thing in the morning. Just because they have kept him all these years does not make him the best man for the job. People who watch will now be transfixed with Savannah's rabbity front teeth. NBC needs to revamp the show, and quit embarrassing itself with Kathy Lee, the dipsomaniac. Is there anyone on t.v. as irritating as she is? ENBC is continuing in its downward spiral. It can only get worse.


It won't matter who replaces whom, the show is so repetitious, same o, same o, they should replace al roka with a beautiful weather girl, can't stand his "and here's the weather in your neck of the woods" get rid of the professionals, a very dumb segement, it's like what do they know about anything. replace them with the 3 stooge's..replace the show with a good morning show of old movies....thank you


June 28,2012 I am disappointed at NBC for not using any tact in the way they handled the whole Ann Curry episode. After having been with NBC for over fifteen years - is that the send off she was given, only four and a half minutes of air time - shame on NBC - it will be the last I will watch that dull and dreary Matt Lauer who is clueless on the set. Anne contributed more to the show than anyone of them.
He is useless,cold and vicious. I am sure he had something to do with Anne's firing. As to Savannah Guthrie - I could not care less
if she replaces Anne. Anne is irreplaceable. Anne will be a survivor. I will miss her presence. Good luck Anne in your new endeavors,


I switched from ABC because of Ann and Al. Ann will be really missed because of her caring nature and straight forward reporting.


I think this was very evil and dirty of TODAY and NBC..I have watched Ann for all these years on the TODAY show and I also watched her on TV news when I lived in Portland. She has always been my favorite on that show. Thought it was dirty when they replaced Katie with Meredith instead of Ann who totally deserved that spot. But this is even dirtier...hope your ratings really suffer now after getting rid of ANN and in such a way..I don't care for Savannah..she seems so if she gets the spot I totally will be watching one of the other morning shows..I probably will anyway now with not having Ann on anymore. Evil NBC!!

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