Savannah Guthrie or Ann Curry: Who Would You Rather... Watch?

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Ann Curry will be fired from The Today Show any moment now.

So reports TMZ, which claims the anchor and the NBC morning program are simply haggling over contract details.

Curry is owed $20 million over the next two years and reportedly wants to pocket that dough and take her walking papers, while the network wants to give her half that amount and stick her as a foreign correspondent.

Either way, Savannah Guthrie has already struck a deal with Today and will take over for Curry as soon as she leaves, which prompts the obvious question: Which reporter would you rather... watch?

And the Winner is?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie? View Poll ยป

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My 83 yr young mom and i were just saying last week how wonderful Anne Curry is...her beautiful caring quality just transcends the airways;What a Shock, hope Matts shoes didnt get dirty, or should i say Wet with Annes tears!!Guthrie seems awkward, despite the Degrees. Will watch GMA..though we still love our KLG and HODA.


Today was my last time watching the show, like many of you that have already stated Ann Curry was a class act, now see what happens to your ratings


I'll never watch Today again. This is unconscionable - Ann has been my favorite person on the show even when Katie was still on (way too cutsie). For her to say she could not get the ball over the line was heartbreaking. She has nothing to apologize for - she is a beautiful person inside and out and did a terrific job. You can keep the rest of those bozos, it's a tired old show and this move will put them in last place. Boycott Today!!!


I too have been a daily fan of the Today Show. But yesterday was my last show. I will now be watching Good Morning America. I thought Ann did a great job and was the most "real" of the hosts other than Al--Savannah and Natalie are usually checking themselves out on the screen or posing! Great way to reward 16 years of loyal work, NBC. She should move to another network.


I love Anne Curry, and agree about Matt Lauer. Over the years, he's become more out of touch and comes off as generally arrogant. I'm sure he's perfectly nice in person, but when it comes to likability on was Curry all the way. She was actually my favorite.


Has NBC ever thought that the problem with The Today show, could be the pompous, hateful, and rude Matt Laur? Yes, he very often interrupts his guests with his "I am in charge" attitude. Makes fun of not only his co-hosts but of guests as well. He most likely has a FAT iron clad contract that allows him to do and say whatever the H... he wants! "He did not like" working with Ann Curry? I wonder how many of his peers do not like working with him. Ann is probably better off now. We wish her all the best.


I agree with many of the other comments. Ann Curry added alot of class to the show! I believe she was genuine (loved her calming voice!) and thought her interviews were great! Matt is indeed boring and is more likely the problem! There are many other reasons for the drop in ratings: the rudeness of the team --- everyone talking at the same time and we can hear no one (where is management in this problem?), cutting off the chefs or rushing their segment, and Kathy Lee and Hoda (how horrible!) - in our area they are replaced by "Kelly" and actually air 2 a.m. I too will be watching the other "network."


Ann Curry (was) is a CLASS ACT and the way she was treated was just shabby. Hard to forgive NBC for this, and I have been a loyal viewer for many years. I hope she finds something where her outstanding talents will be appreciated. To blame her for the loss in ratings is just wrongheaded and ignorant. I am totally angry. She was the best thing on ANY morning show.


I loved Anne - she was warm, caring and sensitive person. She always showed her emotion in her face - had a lot of empathy for people. She was the reason I watched the Today show, I am now switching over to Good Morning America - such a loss for the Today show, what a mistake to place Savannah in her place!!!Very upset about this and I'm sure the ratings will go down more then ever now!!!Loyal viewer for many years.


big mistake firing her and blaming her for bad ratings.... Matt Lauer has to go.... He is old and boring.....I LOVED WATCHING ANN CURRY....Now I WILL NOT WATCH IT AFTER DOING HER DOWN AND DIRTY...

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