Savannah Guthrie or Ann Curry: Who Would You Rather... Watch?

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Ann Curry will be fired from The Today Show any moment now.

So reports TMZ, which claims the anchor and the NBC morning program are simply haggling over contract details.

Curry is owed $20 million over the next two years and reportedly wants to pocket that dough and take her walking papers, while the network wants to give her half that amount and stick her as a foreign correspondent.

Either way, Savannah Guthrie has already struck a deal with Today and will take over for Curry as soon as she leaves, which prompts the obvious question: Which reporter would you rather... watch?

And the Winner is?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie? View Poll ยป

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I have been watching good morning america for 25 or so years
im a canadian but choose to watch the today show. instead of our own morning shows for 3 reasons
Matt .. anne and Al. the new savanah can not compete with anne , better yet ..take those two idiots off the 2nd half of the show kathi lee and hoda two old broads who do nothing but laugh drink, like two stupid fools and make complete A$$es of themselves. i can now see why NBC IS LOOSING IN THE RATINGS. ive switched channel to good morning america because of loosing anne and meridith my two fav. matt should be next to go, get the one who filled in for him while he was on holidays. advise should be seriously taken by execs get rid of matt savanah. get ann back. and get rid of the two lushes that follow .. till you do i,ll be watching the other channel. SMARTEN UP NBC


I truly believe that the rot started with Meredith - nice woman but weak news person. I have always been a fan of Ann Curry - what a disgraceful performance NBC. As GE retirees thank goodness it wasn't on our company watch.


I love Ann Curry. Years ago when Katie was anchor, Ann was the one captivated me at the news desk. A morning show should get things started with pleasant and positive energy. Ann did that for me. Her smile, intelligence and compassion made my day a little better. With the exception of the summer games, I will not watch NBC (despite my love for KLG & Hoda). I will also devote a considerable amount of energy to lobbying a boycott of NBC.


I am very disappointed in the manner NBC has treated Ann Curry. She deserves whatever monetary compensation she was originally offered. I also will not view the Today show, and frankly believe it is Matt Lauer who has affected the show's rating with his stagnant, dry presence. Hopefully Savannah will move on to work with a more upbeat anchor. I truly appreciated Ann Curry's reporting and seeing her beautiful smile to start the day. NBC's rating will definitely drop now!


I suggest everyone who liked Ann Curry BOYCOTT the today show .See hat the power of the people can do to get they to eat crow and get her back


in reply to chrysseO
June 28th, 2012 8:10 PM You got it wrong, ann said "Oh no sweetie I meant you how is that wrong?


I would love to know how far down the ratings have dropped now, I actually wont watch NBC at all now, because that is where the real culprits are. I have watched the today show for as long as I can remember, but NEVER again.


She has always seemed so phony to me . Good riddance Ann. Savannah will be great. I'm all for it.


This is the first time I have ever written regarding anything on TV, but I believe replacing Ann was a big mistake. The only show I watch on TV is the Today Show, so it's unlikely I will watch it or maybe only occasionally. Ann was moved into that position because she had a long track record of success. Maybe she's not a model, but she's good looking, sincere, hard working and credible. You can blame ratings on her, but I think you will be proven wrong plus you have needlessly upset thousands of viewers. It's a shame.


So disappointed in NBC. I am done with the Today show. Treatment of Ann Curry unacceptable. Has the Today ever considered the lower ratings maybe started with the chemistry with Meredith and Matt? That they have lost their way in programming? Do I care to really hear a panel of Donny Deutsch and others analyzing gossip? I loved the show for news, cooking, human interest pieces, etc. I do not care re rumors of Justin Bieber potential paternity. The show has lost it's way and it needed a scapegoat. I will never tune in again.

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