Savannah Guthrie or Ann Curry: Who Would You Rather... Watch?

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Ann Curry will be fired from The Today Show any moment now.

So reports TMZ, which claims the anchor and the NBC morning program are simply haggling over contract details.

Curry is owed $20 million over the next two years and reportedly wants to pocket that dough and take her walking papers, while the network wants to give her half that amount and stick her as a foreign correspondent.

Either way, Savannah Guthrie has already struck a deal with Today and will take over for Curry as soon as she leaves, which prompts the obvious question: Which reporter would you rather... watch?

And the Winner is?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie? View Poll ยป

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Ann is the ultimate professional and deserved better treatment than was what alloted her last week. I will not longer tune in. She was definitely the crux newscaster and always exuded warmth and humility...two traits which perhaps Matt might learn to embrace.
Bring back Ann!!


I used to watch the Today show with Anne, but when I watched the episode when she left, I was heartbroken. I will refuse to watch Savannah, I personally liked everyone EXCEPT Savannah. Al, Anne, Hoda, and Matt were all great together. Yet Savannah just seems a bit fake. I hope the ratings go down and they hire Anne back. :)


I taught an curry was very good and pleasant to watch, she is very pretty but some jerk did not see her as a person they saw her as a rating, who cares about rating a show if the person is good.In today's world every employee is a number, you can give 100 percent no one really cares.Good luck Ann you are better and more important to your self...give your Boss the finger.


I don't watch the Today Show. I'm a Fox & Friends Fan! But it sounds like she was given the boot just like Jane Pauley years ago(I use to watch Today back then-I really liked Jane!)


As i have said before Ann Curry is the heart and soul of Today.It is really sad that all the wonderful things that she has done,amount to nothing Ratings really. I was a Neilson rating family for years. According to the results from my home Big Bird was the most important TV personality. Get a grip people watch Today for responsible news reporting, insight and viewpoint. That was ANN CURRY. Ratings probably will change now , I for one, am getting used to GOOD MORNING AMERICA, shame shame


I have never liked Savannah, I remember one show where she screamed like a child over a few animals that were brought in as part of an outside segment.


that's a choonk! bye monkey face, don't let the door hit you on the ass considering your ass is above your neck lol


I will start watching good morning america!!! Good bye today shame on you!!!


I personally will watch more of the morning show if Savannah Guthrie is part of the show. She did a great job on Morning Joe and I know she will do a great job with Matt Lauer..


I never liked Ann as a host, she fumbles the questions, doesn't seem to do her homework and quite frankly acts like she has the intelligence of a 5th grader. I must say though she was a crush of mine 10 years ago.

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