Savannah Guthrie Debuts as Today Show Host; Ann Curry Not Mentioned Once

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If you tuned in to NBC's Today for the first time Friday and observed Savannah Guthrie alongside Matt Lauer, you'd never have known Ann Curry existed.

The morning show opened with Guthrie and Lauer behind the desk, minus the usual voiceover announcing the anchors or graphics identifying them.

Matt and Savannah simply launched right into the news.

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Even at 9 a.m., when Savannah Guthrie typically handles the bulk of the show's content, there was zero mention of the shakeup, which became official with Ann Curry's farewell speech on Today not even 24 hours prior.

Instead, she, Lauer and Al Roker segued from a Maroon 5 performance to local news, weather and Guthrie running solo on the first segment of the hour.

She later was joined by Roker and Natalie Morales, who was reportedly in the running to replace Curry (which could have led to Matt Lauer's divorce).

Though Guthrie (pictured) is presumed to be Curry’s successor, especially after what we witnessed today, NBC has yet to make an official announcement.



Not watching this show anymore...I will follow Ann wherever she goes.


Anne is not the reason your ratings are going down. It is quite the contrary. She is a delight to view; from her voice,looks and heart felt compassion aside from sincere dedication. Your show has become a drag because it has gotten repetitive with the lead ins. You mentioning what is coming up is taking up more time than the actual news or "gossip". Aside from the same boring add on people in your segments that get cut off talked over and never finished. I have ADD and even I am left feeling shorted with the info per story. Try putting less people on and complete the segment!!! Also, the advertising is getting to hard to believe. One week this product is best and next time other test show this the best pick etc., etc. Can't trust it anymore. I'm ready for a change as in another show.God Bless you Anne Curry you ROCK!! Good Luck

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