Savannah Guthrie Debuts as Today Show Host; Ann Curry Not Mentioned Once

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If you tuned in to NBC's Today for the first time Friday and observed Savannah Guthrie alongside Matt Lauer, you'd never have known Ann Curry existed.

The morning show opened with Guthrie and Lauer behind the desk, minus the usual voiceover announcing the anchors or graphics identifying them.

Matt and Savannah simply launched right into the news.

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Even at 9 a.m., when Savannah Guthrie typically handles the bulk of the show's content, there was zero mention of the shakeup, which became official with Ann Curry's farewell speech on Today not even 24 hours prior.

Instead, she, Lauer and Al Roker segued from a Maroon 5 performance to local news, weather and Guthrie running solo on the first segment of the hour.

She later was joined by Roker and Natalie Morales, who was reportedly in the running to replace Curry (which could have led to Matt Lauer's divorce).

Though Guthrie (pictured) is presumed to be Curry’s successor, especially after what we witnessed today, NBC has yet to make an official announcement.



I agree Ann needed to be replaced. She had very big
shoes to fill, Katie had so many talents, Meredith had magic with
Matt. He really liked working with her. When you saw the exchange between them it made you smile. I remember Meredith saying in an interview when she was considering the position, she met Matt and
instantly knew it would work. Ann just never felt confident outside of her news working segments. She tried too hard
to be one of the guys, it was awkward. Sometimes it was painful to watch. I agree she has great heart, she is sincere. This was just not her gig.


It's not often you see responses to a controversial event as lopsided as these are.......and with good reason! There simply IS NO EXCUSE for the way NBC has treated Anne Curry, and what they've done clearly speaks volumes about what they're (NBC)all about. Personally, I'd like to see Anne remove herself totally and permanently from NBC, and move on to something else more fitting to a lady of her calibre, intelligence and character - and the gutters of NBC aint it!


will no longer watch the today show dont like how they used ann as the scapegoat and left the rest on the, couch your turns are coming because everyone i know will not watch the today show ever again . fire matt lauer and the rest of the backstabbers for 15v years she filled in for all of the anchors so she wasnt the problem its the show and how bad its gotten and the fact you should have fired matt lauer because hes an egomaniac, and the producers and the ceos are out of touch boycott nbc


I have watched the Today Show for many years, even when I didn't much care for the co-host (ie Brian Gumble). It was a good news show, showed the american people that it cared about the news and the people who were making it and each other. Then come Matt, he hasn't been the same since Katie left. Ann Curry was an informed co-host, well traveled, very professional and most of all very well liked. NBC hammered her. HAMMERED HER. There is no reason for that. I will not be watching the Today Show anymore. I am very sorry for Ann, but she is a strong person and she will be fine no matter what NBC tries to do to her. NBC, I think you have made a mistake, but like all big corporations you will not admit it, correct it or even try and fix it. Your ratings are going fall more. Everyone I know has changed networks. Bye


Matt has a 25 million dollar deal and NBC blames Ann? And why Savannah and not Kate Snow? Ann went everywhere and did so much, including some VERY key interviews. If Ann is NBC's scape goat, I cannot imagine that Savannah will last. So what if she is a lawyer, she just doesn't convey the concern, heart, and depth that Ann does. And for Natalie, she is a poor interviewer - she often answers her own question, trying to shine instead of making a guest look good - she would be a poor substitute. I'll start watching GMA now that Ann has been kicked to the curb. NBC, watch your ratings fall now, and blame it on Matt and his huge salary for he is hugely compensated and is also culpable for the ratings drop.


Ann was the only reason that I watched the show.
Now, I don't have a reason so I won't watch. You who are in charge, have made a terrible mistake.
You think that your ratings are low, just watch how low they will go. God does not like ugly!




What goes around comes around! It's only matter of time for Matt or any other personality from that show to be shown the door out. Only then they will realize how insensitive and greedy they are ... just wait, your time is coming soon. People like Ann do not belong on Today show. And for Ms. Guthrie, I wish she was wise enough not to fall in this trap (money, recognition, status) and instead, practice law and do some pro-bono work for the disadvantaged ...


Ridiculous choice. You need a new guy in there its time to change Matt, or give him a wig and change your neck of the woods Al Roker, We women should be able to look at someone new and goodlooking too. Women always get fucked over!!


Good luck to Ann Curry, she is one of a kind. I had felt she should have been the co-host before Meredith and I was excited when she then got the postion when Meredit left. I will greatly miss her. NBC needs to reassess their programming as it was NOT Ann's fault for any drop in ratings. What could be the drop is having to watch NBC send all their staff to the Olympics, London for the Royal wedding,etc. Even including Kathy Lee and Hoda who I do not really consider News Journalists. These people are paid too much money, are extremely wealthy and yet get these travel perks. Maybe NBC needs to get in touch with the REAL people of their audience who are struggling to make ends meet with lost jobs and hungry children.

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