Savannah Guthrie Debuts as Today Show Host; Ann Curry Not Mentioned Once

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If you tuned in to NBC's Today for the first time Friday and observed Savannah Guthrie alongside Matt Lauer, you'd never have known Ann Curry existed.

The morning show opened with Guthrie and Lauer behind the desk, minus the usual voiceover announcing the anchors or graphics identifying them.

Matt and Savannah simply launched right into the news.

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Even at 9 a.m., when Savannah Guthrie typically handles the bulk of the show's content, there was zero mention of the shakeup, which became official with Ann Curry's farewell speech on Today not even 24 hours prior.

Instead, she, Lauer and Al Roker segued from a Maroon 5 performance to local news, weather and Guthrie running solo on the first segment of the hour.

She later was joined by Roker and Natalie Morales, who was reportedly in the running to replace Curry (which could have led to Matt Lauer's divorce).

Though Guthrie (pictured) is presumed to be Curry’s successor, especially after what we witnessed today, NBC has yet to make an official announcement.



I just have to say, AMEN! Ann is so much better than Matt Lauer. Savannah is cute, but lets face it, she is doomed to find out just how replaceable Smart WOMEN are in the NBC line up, anyone remember BRYANT GUMBLE---think about it-he and his tantrums, well, where is he now? Ann Curry and Savannah; for that matter find a different network one that is not afraid of strong women. NBC seems to favor little boys who pout if they don't get their way. Puke=======give me a girl who can deliver the news without being a jerk any day. Savannah and Natalie run for the next available network you can find----------NBC is HISTORY, while everyone makes fun of FOX, perhaps ywh tou should think about it........................e its not so bad to be a conservative with good moral values???????


well its been almost 5 days with S.G. and she doesn't have a clue. She's more worried about the way
she looks more than how she delivers a story. I said I wouldn't watch today any more, but its hard to break a 20 year habit. I've been going back and forth between the (2) just to see the others on the Today show. The more I look at Matt, the more I wish that Ann was back. Savannah may be a very good lawyer and she might have been at the top of class, be she isn't a broadcaster. It takes many years to perfect that and she has a way to go. Being tall and a little off center doesn't put her in the class of Ann Curry.
In the many many years that Ann was around she has a following like no other. Matter a fact I am positive that Ann Curry has forgot more than Savannah Guthrie will ever ever learn, PERIOD end of statement!!


The real issue here is Matt Lauer. If he were to go the show would improve ten-fold.


Meredith is a poor interviewer because she is not interested in anyone but herself.


What makes you think SG is smart? She is so weirdly childlike as to resemble a doll. I find her equally vacuous. I just don't see her measuring up to Ann Curry - EVER. A BIZARRE move to replace Ann with this pom-pom girl Chatty Cathy.


I for one was extremely sad for Ann Curry. She seems to be one of the best souls out there. She is soft spoken yes, but she seemed to always have a great sense of humor and one of the kindest hearts out there. I am going to miss her and wish her the very best. I know she is destine for great things. You go girl!!! They certainly missed out on the you, they were lucky to have such a great person on the show.


I for one wrote to the Today Show when they announced Ann Curry was to be the next co-anchor and told them she had no personality, was a monotone, and was going to cost them their viewers who were used to some fun and frivolity as she is none of those. So I am not sorry she is gone and think Savannah is a breath of fresh air and it seems the entire cast likes her,not just Matt. Yes, he may be full of himself and $25 million is ridiculous, but he is a good interviewer and doesn't stop trying to get us answers we want to hear no matter how sticky the situation gets. I for one am back watching the Today Show.


I will miss the gentle style of Ann Curry who did such a fine jjob with sensitive interviews. Good luck Savannah. I am a loyal Today Show fan


Ms Guthrie seems a little out of place. She is very smart but she is no replacement for Ann Curry. Ann
was the glue that kept the today show together. Ann Curry unlike the the alcohol driven Kathy Lee
never need a drink to deliver a good performance. What's the deal with all the drinking at 10:00 a.m.
What's NBC thinkiing and why are letting Kathy Lee ruin their 3rd hour. Kathy Lee is a poor influence
on Hoda and doesn't treat her with enough respect. Hoda Kotb is like Ann Curry class and more class
than Kathy Lee will ever have. Ms. Guthrie should stay as far away from KLG so she doesn't get tainted
by the professional wine drinker. Savannah needs to keep the eyes in the back of her head wide open
and watch out for the knife that will be handed out if she knows what's good for her. Remember the only person you have to impress is your self.Matt and Kathy Lee are back stabbers in silk suits, but they are still Matt and Kathy Lee


I stuck with the Today show the Meredith years, a woman who couldn't interview her way out of a paper sack, because there was always Ann Curry. She was a good interviewer, a kind and caring human. It is apparent that Matt Lauer knows how to cover his butt, throw someone else under the bus. I will continue to watch the today show on the weekends. Jenna Wolf and Lester Holt are both better than Matt Lauer. Matt and Robin Roberts from GMA would be the perfect self-absorbed team.

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