Savannah Guthrie Confirmed By NBC as Today Co-Host

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It felt all but official this morning, but NBC finally and formally announced that Savannah Guthrie will be the new co-anchor of Today.

Savannah Guthrie debuted Friday but no mention was made on-air.

She had been rumored to be the network's preferred replacement for Ann Curry, who had fallen out of favor with executives and Matt Lauer.

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Ann Curry's farewell speech yesterday ended her 14-year tenure at Today, but she only served as Lauer's co-anchor for the last 12 months.

Rumors of NBC firing her began surfacing late last week.

Today executive producer Jim Bell released a statement announcing Savannah's new position, lauding the journalist's unique skill set.

Guthrie "has a one-of-a-kind combination of sharp wit and approachability," Bell said, adding that Today viewers continually "value [Guthrie's] journalistic skills and legal background just as much as her humor and charm."

Bell added of Savannah, "She can effortlessly go from interviewing the Secretary of State to jumping Olympic-sized hurdles on the plaza."

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My family and I have watched Today every morning sine 1960 as we prepared for the day. Ann became our favorite because there was something authentic about her. Matt was better in his earlier years but I've time adopted the same arrogance that turned many of us off about Bryant Gumble. Apparently they are good friends. Matt's arrogance turns me off. I like Savannah but she's too new. Other than Al, I have no reason to watch the Today show. for me we didn't only loose Ann, but also the soul and heart of a very valued brand. Sad after all these years and the talent that went before this, we not only lost Ann but Today. Maybe we'll take a look at GMA because their ratings are coming not only from Today viewers but the other morning show as well


Matt and savannah just dont work together. She towers over him. Mutt and jeff. Ann was done just plain damn wrong. Nbc powers that be should have looked @ the content of their news. I have watched nbc for years and i see the change. And if i just a normal person can see the change why cant those in charge?? I hope ann was given a good severance pay


@un I think ur the only one bringing race into the mix. Thats a ridiculous and inaccurate claim. They found someone else who is a qualified candidate, no need to create a racial debate.


These shows can be so shallow (that's why people are tuning out!), but even then I think that Ann Curry is definitely much prettier, has better taste, and seemingly a good dose of intelligence, warmth, and integrity. What was not to like with Ann??? No idea! She was one of my favorites. :(


As my husband said "Ann was my favorite." I think the problem for the lower ratings is the content of the show. I'm hungry for indept information instead we get interviews of the cute girl and her dad who were screaming on an amusement ride. I want to know what is going to hEappen to women in Egypt with the new president, how schools in other countries are so successful, if our doctors are locked so tightly with pharmacy companies that it is affecting our health care, etc. etc.


They lost me when they had that awful Meredith Viera. I wanted Ann to replace Katie. Oh well, I've been watching ABC lately.


I think that Matt needs to go and it should be all female in the morning on Today! I am switching to ABC. Just saw Amy Rohrbach doing a special on ABC! Loved her and hope Ann follows in her footsteps and blows NBC's theory out of the water that Matt is the anchor of the show! He is the ball and chain! Boring Matt. Love Natalie and Savanna but Matt's got to go!


Very disappointed in way NBC handled replacing Ann Curry. Have nothing against Savannah Guthrie, but Ann is a compassionate, smart
journalist who put in many good years for NBC. I don't believe that Ann is reason ratings have gone down, could be Matt Lauer. NBC has made some bad judgements lately in programming with too many reality shows and cancelling some very good shows. Some had not had time to really catch an audience before being cancelled. After 14 years, I believe Ann deserved a longer sendoff than the few minutes they allowed her on last day. Best wishes Ann!


The real problem is Mr. Lauer. He needs to go. They've also got to update their format.


Lost me years ago,I'll watch when they get rid of stale matt and replace him!


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