Sandra Ramirez, Mom With Gas Can in Car Seat and Toddler in Seat Belt, Defends Parenting

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The Click It or Ticket campaign likely didn't have gas cans in mind as "it."

A Facebook photo recently posted to the Colorado Department of Transportation's website shows a toddler and gas can sharing a vehicle's back seat.

The gas can is securely strapped into a child's car seat. A small boy, meanwhile, is seated opposite the gas can and free to roam about the cabin.

Sandra Ramirez was issued a citation and must appear in court.

Ramirez, Sandra

According to 7News, Aurora Police issued cited Ramirez for three offenses based on improper car seat usage and child safety laws and regulations.

"I'm not a bad mom," she insisted, "I'd just like to clarify that."

Sure thing Sandy.

“My son was in a seat belt as I (was) getting pulled over,” she added in another interview with KDVR. “He’s a very smart guy. He can unbuckle his seat belt. He jumped into the backseat on the other side and put on his ‘big boy’ seat belt.”

Why he's wearing only a diaper? A mystery for another time.

We're not sure how a judge is going to interpret all of this, but Ramirez has been ordered to appear in Aurora Municipal Court on June 29.


Just give her some parenting classes visit her for three months, I dont think they should consider taking her kid away. Everyone make bad judgment calls and this was clearly one. The Gas can probably has gas in and she didnt want it to spill while driving espeacially when they little is back there. Bad move? yes! Right off the back bad mom? I dont thnk so.


...damn seriously!? Poor lil guy...


My opinion..people need to mind their own business...this is getting to be too much of a George Orwell kind of society. Raising kids is best left to the parents...and shame on the police for releasing this video. What an invasion of privacy!!






Yeah and just for good measure, put it in the trunk. The gas can, not the kid lol


Just so you know for next time lady, the way to carry a gas can in the car is to loosen the cover, turn the nozzle toward the BACK of the can and place it on a flat surface, then you put your KID in the carseat.


I saw this on the news and she said he unhooked himself. But if u look, the straps that hold him in are behind the gas can. The cars main seat belt, which should be hooked through the back of the seat are around the front. So she wants us to believe he unhooked the chest restrain, unhooked the seat belt from behind the seat and rehooked it around the gas can? And all in the time it took the cop to walk up to the car? Yeah right lady, tell it to the judge.