Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama "Barack Kardashian," White House Fires Back at Radio Host

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Rush Limbaugh, asserting that President Barack Obama spends too much time courting celebrities for campaign cash and endorsements during times of financial hardship for average Americans, referred to him as "Barack Kardashian."

The White House responded in kind.

"Two words: Donald Trump. Next question," said Obama's press secretary, Jay Carney, when asked about Limbaugh's most recent ridicule of his boss.

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Kim Kardashian at the Hard Rock
The President of the United States of America

Trump, an outspoken supporter of Mitt Romney, has become a foil for Obama since he started fueling "birther" claims that Obama was born overseas.

Carney's comments aboard Air Force One came as Obama jetted to California for a set of fundraisers, one at the home of Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

Obama's re-election bid has also harnessed the power of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney and Jon Bon Jovi, among many others.

On Tuesday, Limbaugh hammered Obama's celebrity connections, highlighting his 2012 campaign's latest ad, starring Vogue editor Anna Wintour:

"It's an indication once again how out of touch they really are, how distanced they have become from the people who make this country work."

"It's an indication of what they think the strong drawing power of the presidency is. I'll tell you that's what's becoming. He's Barack Kardashian."

"He is becoming the male Kim Kardashian with this stuff," Limbaugh said.

SIDE NOTE: Obama has said that he doesn't let his daughters watch the Kardashians, and also famously
called Kanye West a jackass. Just saying.

SIDE NOTE #2: Kim's management team has yet to fire off a vapid Tweet about this, followed by a plug for some lame product. But give it an hour.

Asked if the president might be sending the wrong message, Carney said Obama's millions of mostly unknown small donors reflect his true nature.

"The difference between President Obama's support, financial support, and his opponent's is stark, but not in the way that you describe," he said.

"The fundamental difference is President Obama has vast numbers of small donors who support him. That is not the case for the Republican nominee."

"The fact that the president enjoys that kind of support speaks to what his policy priorities are. He's out there fighting for the middle class."

"The bedrock foundation of his support are millions of Americans who believe in his vision for this country's future and believe that he has their back."

As for whether Obama is actually a fan of Murphy and Glee, Carney deferred.

"I don't know the answer to your question," he said, unamused.

If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?


Hey Ms.First Lady, better watch the Pres. around that Kim Kardashsan or she be sliding your ole man's dick in between the big white tits and sucking the head when it comes out the top. Trampy hoe like a black man's dick!


Yes, Rush, because Obama being the 'male Kardashian' is MUCH worse than a candidate that dines under 'art' painted by HITLER at a crazy billionaires house. I'd MUCH rather the President gives 'celebrities' a voice than the money of cranky white men that can't get over Hoover.


To David - I tune in every now and yjen because of the saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemied closer". He's so luney, he just makes me laugh.


I definitely don't like Barack Obama's "Gay Marriage Rights" policy because my religion (Islam) teaches it is abominable. Equally, I find Mith Romney's key support base and promoters as class conscious,racially prejucial and money-minded bunch of wanna-be-leaders of a culturally, economically and socially complex society without a solid middle ground from which he (Mitt Romney) can operate/work fairly.Also I find his key ally, Donald Trump, as an arrogant self righteous individual with little respect for those in authority. I believe people like that are a liability to Mith in this campaign process. Wise people love and admire those, who in spite of their high achievements and privileged position remain humble and respectful often identifying with ordinary people, not being haughty to them.


This isn't American Idol, it shouldn't be about America voting for the most popular candidate. Using celebrities distracts from the political ideas that are being presented and people are contributing money to win a dinner with Sarah Jessica Parker, not because they truly support the Obama campaign.


Why do people put down celebrities. They are not all brainless. And the brainless Limbaugh forgets Reagan was an actor as was Nancy. Yet, the repubs think he was their greatest president. Celebrities are people too and have all the rights the rest of us have.


how can ayone even tune in to such a bigot, racist, one sided idiot like limbaugh


Kudos vwpeach! And so true

Wv peach

So true Yankeewitch; Reagan had tons of celebrity friends and endorsements.


Rush Limdoper should keep his lies straight? He knows that the Republican Party is funded by the big shots who do not care about the American Middle Class, yet he himself is a big shot millionaire , but he goes around calling women Sluts and whores, and he wants American to fail, He will say and do anything to bring The President down, we all know him for what he is a racist and dope head who hates women and people of color, it is no surpise to anyone that Rush Loves Men and hates Women.

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