Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols: FIRED From Basketball Wives!

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Somewhere, Dwight Howard flashing a big smile ... and not just because Stan Van Gundy will not be coaching the Orlando Magic next season.

Dwight's baby mama Royce Reed just got fired by Basketball Wives along with Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols, according to a new report.

It's unclear who will replace them, but the trio is set to get pink-slipped any day now as VH1 looks to drop all "dead weight" from the show.

Royce Reed Picture

Royce (pictured) was cut because she isn't allowed to talk about Dwight due to a 2009 court order, blocking her from discussing him in any way.

That's certainly one way to limit her appeal. Some of the other girls on BW also decided to ostracize her, so Royce was 86'd from the cast.

As for the others, producers think Jennifer's too big a liability after suing Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show. Kesha? She's just boring.

A rep for VH1 said in response to the rumored casting notes, “We don't comment on casting until everything is final. Thanks for checking in.”


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I've NEVER watched this show and DON'T plan to, but I have one question. If NONE of them are CURRENTLY LEGALLY MARRIED to a current, past, or even a wannabe basketball player, then why the hell are they on the show? Screwing, sleeping, hoing around, dating, hoping, being sponsored, getting pregnant because they don't know how to practice birth control, or they thought getting pregnant was going to keep baby daddy with them, etc. does not make them a "basketball wife". It makes them exactly what these fools are being portrayed as, "WANNABE" wives, but instead they're kicked to the curb trash, which is exactly what they all are!!


THe 3 ladies that had any class are fired and now you have just rewarded the 3 bullies with keeping there job!!! I will NO LONGER WATCH this show!!!!


I think Tammy should have been fired. She is a STRAIGHT up bully! No amount of drama from her past excuses her behaviour as she targeted Kesha. Kesha was a good fit, but then again I guess because she actually tried to get along with her cast mates that made for a bad fit? Shaunie NEVER gets targeted how is that? I am SURE she has not had the perfect relationship with everyone on the show. Maybe nobody goes head to head with her because she could get them FIRED!


Shaunnie, your fired the wrong girls. The girls that had class are gone. You kept all the thugs. WEAK!!! I'm Out


I watched this show and was repulsed by the behaviour of these women. They behave like bullies and children. It was disgusting to see what transpired in Tahiti. The woman that bullied that poor girl and took her phone is pathetic. She is nothing but a thug and shouldn't be given any air time. She needs to go back to the ghetto where she clearly belongs!!! I am amazed that Shaq's ex could just sit by and watch what transpired. What is wrong with her??? Does she even have a conscious? Cancel the show. what a dissapointment


I agree with some of the other comments about Shaunie, Tammie, and Evelyn they are the biggest bullies etc; I want be watching next season.


Yes the entire show need to be cancel. They make BLACK women look real SUPID.I never watch the show and never will give them my airtime. And for the viwers that watch the show, what does that tell you about yourselves. My BLACK women stop allowing the media in your personal life. Just because you are married or engaged to someone with fame. KEEP your private life private....JUSTSAYIN!


The show is a perfect forum for sociopaths, who think the world revolves around them. Shaunie, Tammie and Evelyn are the school house bullies, although I do like Tammie, but not her methods. At least she is working on them. Shanuie does throw gun powder on the fire then walks away and lets it explode. Evelyn, just thinks she is the ish and she plans on bullying people she deos not like; "I'm going to sting her every time I see her". Jennifer should have filed charges against that girl for slapping her and she should not have been set in the room in the first place (once again that throwing the gunpowder on the fire). Jennifer was set up for a beat down. Evelyn walking across the table was the icing on the cake. She needs help.


I think this show displays negatively on black women. I agree with previous statements that the women with CLASS were fired. I think this show promotes bullying as being acceptable since they decided to keep all the bullies on the show. I think Shauntie is the worst of all the BBW in that she stirs the pot and hides her hand. Being the passive/aggressive woman that tries to quitely stir up SHIT and then laughs and watch to see what happens. Then she tries to come and and portray herself as appeaser. I think the show BBW should be canceled and I quit watching it a long time ago. Just sharing my 2 cents.


Why were you ever watching the show?! All the "Wives and Housewives" are about meanness, drama ,materialism, and stereotyping.
For those who say these black women are being stereotypical.....THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO STAY ON THESE SHOWS. Otherwise, you are labelled as boring.
Stupid public. loves to hate "bad girls" and loves to toon in to watch a sterotypical......just so they can say how much they HATE those types. YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS TO HAVE WATCHED PAST EPISODE ONE!