Rother McLennon, Disgruntled Deli Customer, Calls 911 Over Botched Sandwich Order

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A man at a Connecticut deli was so upset about his botched sandwich order, he called 911 to complain and asked the authorities to intervene ASAP.

"Um, hi. My name is Rother McLennon and I'm at Grateful Deli," he told the dispatcher.

"I specifically asked for um little um, turkey, and little um ham and a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise...and they are giving me a hard time."

"I was wondering if you could stop by and just..."

That's when the dispatcher responds in disbelief, asking, "You're calling 911 because you don't like the way they're making your sandwich?"

"Exactly," McLennon answers.

CBS New York reported that the 911 dispatcher calmly advised the upset caller to not buy the sandwich in question and to exit the store.

"He's telling me he won't make it for me again, just because of that," McLennon pleads. "So, I just want to solve this the right way, you know?"

"They playing games with me. So, I'm just wondering if you could come by?"

After what sounds like a scoff and a very long pause, the dispatcher tells the disgruntled customer, "Just stay there, or stay outside, I'll send somebody."

"In the future, just don't buy the sandwich, ok?"

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Calling the cops over stuff like a botched deli sandwich is, sadly, nothing new. When I was a newspaper reporter 15 years ago a woman called 911 because her daughter wouldn't do her homework. Another woman called the cops because a store didn't have the jeans she wanted in her size.
There is no shortage of idiots who think the police or the government should solve every little problem for them.


He should be fined for using 911 for that bs.


What an effing idiot. Yes, the police have absolutely nothing better to do than order someone to make your sandwich right. Dumbass.