Rose Costa: Reportedly Knocked Up by James Marsden!

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James Marsden is set to be a father for the third time.

According to an E! News source, a woman the actor "dated after he separated from his wife has told him she is four months pregnant" and is "excited to be a mom."

The New York Post, meanwhile, identities this woman as a 24-year old Brazilian model named Rose Costa and reports that she only slept with the actor one time. But that's all it takes, kids!

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Marsden, who recurred throughout 30 Rock Season 6 as a steady boyfriend of Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, has two children with ex-wife Lisa, from whom he split in October.

No word yet from his camp, but insiders say Marsen and Costa are not actively in a relationship.



A few bucks? She is destroying her carrear over this! He is not such a famous actor... What sick comment.


Oh please! It's not like she's 14! 24 is most certainly old enough to know better... if anything she is probably trying to take advantage of his fame to make a few bucks.


Rose is ONLY 24, she was victimized by this 38 years old actor. This is insane, why is she being portraited like a bad person? She is a victim!


isn't rose the same one that told Rob karsdashian she was pregant with his child. this happened a couple of years ago