Rose Costa: Reportedly Knocked Up by James Marsden!

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James Marsden is set to be a father for the third time.

According to an E! News source, a woman the actor "dated after he separated from his wife has told him she is four months pregnant" and is "excited to be a mom."

The New York Post, meanwhile, identities this woman as a 24-year old Brazilian model named Rose Costa and reports that she only slept with the actor one time. But that's all it takes, kids!

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Marsden, who recurred throughout 30 Rock Season 6 as a steady boyfriend of Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, has two children with ex-wife Lisa, from whom he split in October.

No word yet from his camp, but insiders say Marsen and Costa are not actively in a relationship.



Hate james marsden :(
Feel sorry for chris :(


Way too early after his divorce was filed. The dude should have used a condom. They could even get an STD. I would never watch anything with him again


Way too early after his divorce was filed. The dude should have used a condom. They could even get an STD. I would never anything with him again


People judging something you do not know, nobody knows who he really is Rose to talk about your reputation or judging what happened, so just shut up please!


I agree with Not Absurd. People are acting like she's under age and it's illegal! He is not a predator since she is 24 and she is not victimized because certainly before the age of 24 your legal and capable of making your own decisions.


Calling him a predator is moronic. She is well over the age of consent and is old enough to stand behind her decisions. Calling him a predator for being with a 24 year old is disrespecful to victims of true predators. What an ignorant comment


--the only person I feel sorry for in this situation is Chris.. he deserves someone much better...a pretty decent and solid guy...

Avatar they are not the same ppl..we used to joke about that last year, that she has the same name... but for all I know !that! Rose Costa is a dancer in L.A.


*** one night stand gone wrong for him, well for her..everybody who knows Rosie knows HOW she wanted to make it in the biz...maybe not to this extent but it was good its not like the first time she says she is pregnant(what is that? the 3rd time in 3 years..) ...and 4 months?!..kinda questionable since the last time I saw her was at a Memorial Day bash...she mentioned nothing about a pregnancy and her bikini-clad body did not suggest anything else either...
..oh and her being the "victim"??:):):) Believe me... she has a certain "reputation" for a reason..


He is a predator. I will never watch any of his movies! What is he doing with 24yo girl?