Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Prep for "Wedding of the Year"

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The red and black roses! The gorgeous emerald ring! The In-N-Out burgers!

That's right, folks, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are inviting A-list guests such as Katy Perry and Charlize Theron to their upcoming nuptials, which the latest issue of OK! Weekly dubs the Wedding of the Year in a cover story that can only be described as… existing.

Robsten Wedding Plans

Clearly wanting to show up Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, the magazine's totally not made up insider says Pattinson is penning a song for Stewart and “plans to perform it for her on the vintage Fender guitar she bought him for Christmas last year" during their reception.

Where might the event take place? Brazil, claims the source, adding that “Rob and Kristen want their wedding to be beautiful and meaningful - but not so over planned that it chokes all the joy out of it."

Well, sure. That would ruin any imaginary wedding.

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Well, I think it should be something exciting! Celebrity's weddings usually are popmous, but boring. I noticed just Megan Fox wedding — it was pretty simple and really beautiful.
Hope they will create some accents on flowers, centerpieces and decoration. It means a lot and minimalistic one-colored centerpices must totally win, because they can't be more gorgeous than a bride's dress :)
I'm collecting some great centerpiece ideas on my site and hope it can be useful for future wifes and husbands. Welcome :)


i wish you best of luck to your wedding.god bless both of you.


I've always thought she was attractive and a good actress. After watching her on awards shows with all that " squirming around" "rambling" and that damn (foot pushup) - its wearing thin. So is the per sauna and/or impression that's displayed as " I'm so artistic" - I can't hold a thought while speaking to a crowd" - I spit out movies by the dozens but all the sudden I can't think and I need to grab my head with my hands. If she wants to leave the impression that unless she's on the "Set" or has a script to read - she's out of her zone? Then she has made her point. A new Award accepting makeover is desperately needed.


Ummm... am so happy for d young couples hope it last an entirely life. love u guys


Let's see a photograph of you, Terri.


OK Magazine is another ragbag of lies. I see them in the store weekly, and I can't even count the number of times something they've sworn was true in headlines turned out to be false the very next week. Can't imagine why smart people buy the thing.


She is butt face ugly and has the personality of a wet mop.


I think the haters need to grow up. You should be happy that they found love. No matter if is lasts a month or 50 years love is still beautiful. I hope they have a long happy life together.


no way they would not let something like this leak out, besides they are to busy being bitchy to plan a wedding. who needs a wedding to do what they do? Besides these two are not the most popular with Hollywood and the only ones coming are the ones that are most like them. Weirdos. Stinky ones at that. Twilight made these two and they bash the saga with everything they got. Bet they don't think that of the check book..Soon they will be just a memory and Twilight will move on to something like


Well I wish people would leave them alone!they will make it they are a perfect couple.and they been threw a lot and they made it.

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