Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Prep for "Wedding of the Year"

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The red and black roses! The gorgeous emerald ring! The In-N-Out burgers!

That's right, folks, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are inviting A-list guests such as Katy Perry and Charlize Theron to their upcoming nuptials, which the latest issue of OK! Weekly dubs the Wedding of the Year in a cover story that can only be described as… existing.

Robsten Wedding Plans

Clearly wanting to show up Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, the magazine's totally not made up insider says Pattinson is penning a song for Stewart and “plans to perform it for her on the vintage Fender guitar she bought him for Christmas last year" during their reception.

Where might the event take place? Brazil, claims the source, adding that “Rob and Kristen want their wedding to be beautiful and meaningful - but not so over planned that it chokes all the joy out of it."

Well, sure. That would ruin any imaginary wedding.

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They are the cutest couple in the world! They are meant to be together forever! Just look at them...they are made for each other!!!Go Robsten!!!! You are the BEST!!!!


about Time They are get married and they are good couple


so nice pic


This is a load of crap. I love Robsten, but they're not getting married.


Hope this is not true because they are just too young BUT I do believe they are meant to be together for a very long time. Great kids!




WOW. ya know I just LOVE reading all of the hater comments...It just makes me feel SICK to know that you call other people ugly and say they have NO talent...STOP HATING! If you don't like them don't look at this page and don't waste five seconds of your life acting like you're better than them because you're not.
A person who doesn't post hate.


Ugh cut me off... Meant to say its getting old.


Ummm who cares? What makes them any more special than any other couple out there? Neither can act to save their life, and their affected "coolness" actually makes them look like idiots. Time to move on to the next couple to give them their 15 minutes of fame. THese have had it and its


I love these two, and know that one day they will tie the knot, but the story in OK Magazine is a LIE.

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