Rihanna on Drake-Chris Brown Drama: Just Crazy!

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If Rihanna didn't feel like she was the only girl in the world before this week, the violent nightclub altercation between Chris Brown and Drake - or at least their entourages - certainly could be seen as an ego boost ... or just scary.

She is, of course, Brown's ex and Drake's friend, collaborator, and rumored hookup.

For her part, she was at a different club, with Brown, earlier in the week, but Rih was nowhere to be found at W.I.P. when things got ugly Wednesday.

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She heard about it, though, says a source who claims Rihanna "loves this! Men fighting over her? Are you kidding? Of course she loves the drama."

After a deluge of texts telling her what went down, "She just laughed. She's spoken to both of them and just thinks it's crazy. She's glad she wasn't there!"

"She just wants to be friends with both of them."

Clearly they have different ideas. Brown tweeted a pic of a serious gash on his chin after a member of Drake's posse allegedly hit him with a bottle.

Drake has denied "any wrongdoing" through his rep, but Brown and his attorney have pointed the finger at the Canadian rapper and his entourage.

A member of Brown's posse may have been the primary aggressor, however, as reports suggest he was making gang signs and death threats at Drake.

Neither musician is considered a criminal suspect in the incident, FYI.

UPDATE, 6/16: Brown's camp wants to clear the air about one thing.

The R&B star's management, Phase Too Inc., shot down reports that Brown sent a $2,000 bottle of champagne to Drake's table ... a gesture that purportedly prompted him to send back a note to Chris reading, "I am f--king the love of your life."

Phase Too called BS in a Tweet: "There was no bottle sent to @drake and there was no note! Stop the lies, TMZ/MTO!!!! There were no punches thrown, just glass!"

Rihanna hasn't taken a side ... but you can!


so true! rihanna looks like she sleeps in a bin and has sex with all the trash cans.


oh shame!! Im sure this skank Rihanna is really enjoying the attention of these two animals fighting over her SKANKY DIRTY ASS!


both drake and chris can get any grl they want why fight over rihanna??? i think this is z stupidst ting going on in h.w


Chris needs to be a little bit understanding,,i thought he had changed 4 real.anyway this issue of breezy & dreezy,i think rihanna aint to blame......though rihanna should grow up too.its a shame to all of them.


Best comment here is the one begging Bey & Alicia to intervene. But you just know Rihanna is too high on her own fumes to listen to anyone. I mean shes ignoring Jay Z and hes been telling her to slow down, I hope she ODs soon. I really hate Chris too. Hes so stupid and arrogant. God help us!




ahaha what a pile of bs!!!! ahahahahaha "team non woman beaters" and the pics u used. ahahah u spinsters crack me up xD


I wish Beyonce and Alicia Keys, who both had mega fame at young ages, would mentor her.
Beyonce and Alicia are the epitome of class and dignity.
Rihanna on the other hand is an attention seeking silly child with a very pretty face.


I agree with you but, Rihanna do play a little part in it. Yes Chris and Drake may have lost their damn mind by looking out for a chick, that just don't give a damn about either one them lol. Im starting to think that they really didn't have no beef with one another. We'll Drake did sent a statement out saying that he was leaving club when it all went down.


I never liked Rihanna. I believed the rumors of her flirting with (fucking?) Jay Z just to annoy Beyonce. Shes so dumb she thinks professional competition means you should fuck the other womans fiance. But then lets face it.....this CB/Drake thing isnt her fault. They are just fools to be even be fighting over someone so manipulative. How blind can they be?? They both deserve to go to jail for that stupidity. Leave Rihanna out of this one.

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