Rihanna on Drake-Chris Brown Drama: Just Crazy!

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If Rihanna didn't feel like she was the only girl in the world before this week, the violent nightclub altercation between Chris Brown and Drake - or at least their entourages - certainly could be seen as an ego boost ... or just scary.

She is, of course, Brown's ex and Drake's friend, collaborator, and rumored hookup.

For her part, she was at a different club, with Brown, earlier in the week, but Rih was nowhere to be found at W.I.P. when things got ugly Wednesday.

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She heard about it, though, says a source who claims Rihanna "loves this! Men fighting over her? Are you kidding? Of course she loves the drama."

After a deluge of texts telling her what went down, "She just laughed. She's spoken to both of them and just thinks it's crazy. She's glad she wasn't there!"

"She just wants to be friends with both of them."

Clearly they have different ideas. Brown tweeted a pic of a serious gash on his chin after a member of Drake's posse allegedly hit him with a bottle.

Drake has denied "any wrongdoing" through his rep, but Brown and his attorney have pointed the finger at the Canadian rapper and his entourage.

A member of Brown's posse may have been the primary aggressor, however, as reports suggest he was making gang signs and death threats at Drake.

Neither musician is considered a criminal suspect in the incident, FYI.

UPDATE, 6/16: Brown's camp wants to clear the air about one thing.

The R&B star's management, Phase Too Inc., shot down reports that Brown sent a $2,000 bottle of champagne to Drake's table ... a gesture that purportedly prompted him to send back a note to Chris reading, "I am f--king the love of your life."

Phase Too called BS in a Tweet: "There was no bottle sent to @drake and there was no note! Stop the lies, TMZ/MTO!!!! There were no punches thrown, just glass!"

Rihanna hasn't taken a side ... but you can!


I am all in it for Chris Brown. I know that Chris Brown did previously beat up Rihanna, but he did the right thing and apologized to her. Drake was just being a jerk from sending a bad note on a champagne bottle, to causing the gash on Chris's chin. If I were Rihanna, I would not think that i love all the drama in this, but I would care about all the tension that Drake caused toward both me and Chris Brown.Drake, U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that u would go to jail for all the crap u did! Chris Brown deserves to get nothin charged against him! Chris Brown:(


Come on guys!y all da fighting!we all know drake,rihanna and chris r all bimbos seeking attention!so let them!y bother!


I dont have a problem with Drake, frankly. I think he has handled the aftermath very well. At least hes not running around trying to manipulate the media and the police into settling a personal beef for him (like Chris is doing).


Hmmm. You my dear, need to learn how to punctuate. Reading your posts is like entering a never ending maze - if mazes were made of 19 muddled streams of thought, all mushed together into one incoherent lump of mud! People in glass houses should not throw stones.


This is crazy, but entertaining


where I'm from 8ers like all y'all that made comments about Robyn being a hoe which is not true would get dun with ur lips cut off your faces. bet u all ur mamas, sistas, nieces, aunts, female cousins r hoes that's y u think she is one. if u live in a glass house do not throw stones. u r all a bunch of 8ers, get a life and concentrate on yours and leave others alone. nosy gossip ass bitches.


Put it this way, both parties were wrong. Rihanna got something to do with it, I don't care what anybody think about my comment at this moment. Chris might was minding his own, until he had sent that bottle to Drake. The sad thing is that Drake going to be charge. It is not worth fighting over a has been.


Its not Rihannas falt and im sure all us girls would love if two guys faught for us Chris Brown disurved that what goes around comes around Thats what he gets for hitting rihanna He posted a pic on twitter Thats just attencting seeking and be a man I read this story in another artical and it said Chris was being nice giving drake a glass of champaigh and drake passed a note to him saying im still fucking rihanna In this artical it said im still fucking the love of your life So it goes to show We dont really know the truth be hide this I like drakes music and rihannas Before chris hit rihanna i still wasnt a fan I think we should leave them off But dont always belive what you read


These two fucktards got 2 innocent women injured. Neither of them has a lick of talent or sense beyond a mentally slow squirrel after being hit by 10 cars, so I dont get why they are allowed around glass, much less bottles. So they start throwing them around like the chimpanzees that they are and people are surprised? Fuck both of them and their slow running children that follow them. I hope they all go to jail. Chris Brown has the nerve to twitter pic his boo boo? Are you fucking serious? Did you see your equally retarded girlfriends face a few years back? And you have the nerve to call someone a bitch? You are the picture that shows up if you Google the word "bitch". You, Chris brown, are such a bitch that bitches have alters to you with your photos, chicken claws and candles around it.


I think the whole three of them desrve one another-they are so alike. ie. without any moral values. i really dont like drake cos he really uses woman like sex objects in his songs. and chris brown pays strippers regurlary. rihannas also like a stripper. So one can understand the attraction.

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