Rihanna Poses Topless in Esquire, Gets Pissed at Chris Brown Questions

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Rihanna covers the new UK issue of Esquire Magazine.

She is not wearing a top, either. Color us astonished.

Even more amazingly, the publication asked about - yes - Chris Brown, specifically Rih's controversial decision to record music with him again this winter.

Her response? Not exactly what you'd call thrilled.

Rihanna Topless in Esquire UK

Brown, whose new song "Off That Liquor" is likely a message to Rihanna, always seems to end up as part of the conversation with her.

Asked why she decided to record a couple of remixes with her ex-boyfriend, Rihanna responded pretty angrily to the persistent inquiry.

We can't do it justice, so read the exchange below:

    Esquire: What has been the Twitter response to the Chris Brown remixes?

    Rihanna: Some love it, some hate it, some love it but still hate that we did it. But the response in the end has been incredible.

    Esquire: Was that [the recording session] the first time you’d seen him in a while?

    Rihanna: When would we have seen each other? We’ve both been working and touring. [changes the subject]. This is really good food.

    Esquire: It proved quite a controversial thing.

    Rihanna: Well…definitely. Definitely. The whole thing caught me a little off-guard to be honest… especially the amount of… negative attention. Because it never occurred to me how this was going to be a problem, you know. It really didn’t.

    Esquire: Because enough time had passed that it was OK?

    Rihanna: I thought people were gonna be surprised that we finally did a record together, but I didn’t see how people could think it was a bad thing, you know? In my mind, it was just music.

    Esquire: Some people felt it sent the wrong message.

    Rihanna: [Angrily] What was that? What message would that be?

    Esquire: You’d gone back to someone who put you in the hospital.

    Rihanna: [Getting angry] Oh really? Did I?

    Esquire: Well… yes.

    Rihanna: Did I? Did I? Did I?

    Esquire: You went and recorded with him, yes.

    Rihanna: Okay. In a completely professional environment. And on a complete professional note. I mean, if I went back to him [as a girlfriend], then that’s a whole different discussion. And if I ever do, then that’s something that y’all have to talk to me about when – if – that ever happens. Until then, look at it for what it is. I think a lot of people jumped to an assumption that was incorrect and they ended up looking stupid.

    Esquire: The assumption you were dating again?

    Rihanna: Because of a song. How stupid. If I was together with every collaborator I worked with… f-ck my life.

    Esquire: Still, the lyrics didn’t do much to dispel that impression. His opening line is “Girl I want to f**k you right now/been a long time/I’ve been missing your body”. You reply: “Remember how you did it/If you still want to kiss it/Then come and get it”.

    Rihanna: That was the tone before he was even on the record. You think it was going to be about hopscotch or jump rope?

    Esquire: So neither of you for a minute thought “This is going to put the cat among the pigeons”?

    Rihanna: I could never see anything wrong with making music.

    Esquire: Maybe the thing is that as an artist your personal and private life are intertwined, and you’ve already played on this. The first song you put out after the beating incident was “Love the Way You Lie,” about domestic violence.

    Rihanna: Absolutely. But “Love The Way You Lie” was me as an artist working with Eminem as an artist, telling our stories individually. On a track together. I’m lost. I’m confused as to what you’re trying to get at.

    Esquire: That it’s hard to separate the person who’s been the victim of domestic violence and the pop star singing about domestic violence.

    Rihanna: I know. And that’s how f-cked up society is. There’s a lot of s**t y’all can’t get over. Y’all holding your breath on a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter. When you realize who you live for, and who’s important to please, a lot of people will actually start living. I am never going to get caught up in that. I’m gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it – and I lived it for me- and God. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I’m not here to [talk] about messy s**t.

    Esquire: It’s just what’s been making the headlines recently.

    Rihanna: OK! So do you want to talk about everything on Google? Or do you want to talk about stuff that my fans want to know? Let’s get to the real stuff. The stuff that’s important.

    Esquire: What do your fans want to know? Rihanna: You tell me, as a journalist. You’re asking the questions and I give you the answers. I can’t give the questions too.

    Esquire: I’m sorry it’s upset you.

    Rihanna: It hasn’t upset me. It upsets me that you keep asking the same kind of questions about stuff that’s trivial. What’s there to talk about? Are all your questions like that? Let’s move onto the next one.

    Esquire: It’s just that you haven’t given an interview for a while. A lot has happened.

    Rihanna: You think I haven’t given an interview for a while? I did four this morning.

    Esquire: Did they go any better than this?

    Rihanna: We’ll see [when they come out] tomorrow.

Do you think she was too harsh? Should she suck it up and deal with the questions she brought upon herself? Should she and Chris date again?

Sound off in the comments below!


Nobody should interfer in their datin plz,they have their lifes to live,forgiveness is the best for couples I like wat they are doing.


get off her dick


As a woman who survived domestic abuse I'm telling you something is NOT right here. There is no way I would ever even spend time in the same store as my ex husband nor would I "collaborate" with him and the fact that Robin doesn't understand that it would upset her fans just shows that she's hiding at least something. Obviously she was beaten by Chris, he did confess as you all remember. But there's something else that just doesn't add up. If you've never been beaten you wont understand. She really comes off as immature and childish in her language and answers. And please stop calling her well educated, she doesn't have any form of higher education, has never had to even pay her own bills or take responsability for her own actions. She doesn't comprehed the meaning of consequense.


i don't see her as a role model and i doubt she wants to be seen as a role model.


I agree with Heather. But, there's something that I wanna add. It seems to me that Esquire (just like any other magazine) asks celebrities personal and/or hard-hitting questions during interviews. I think that Rihanna knew this beforehand going into the interview. Most of all, Rihanna needs to get over herself. Quickly.


Badgalriri has been smokin that chronic so long she really DOES think the world is mad of Jamaican rainbows! But infact it's the scrutinizing and ever more so objectifying world it ever has been for a celebrity. She may act like she is hard and don't care but in fact she's a lil girl that wanted to love and forget the hurt and was hoping y'all would too. And when we didn't catch the rainbow it forces her to come out from that Chronc Cloud and wake up! Sorry Robyn Fenty... us regular folks chalk that up to #thatslife.


Like I have always said, I don't think that Rihanna is the victim she's always made herself out to be. That is why she was ok with colaborating with Cris. She does not want to be questioned about it because then the truth will come out. She needed the publicity at the time because of low record sales. She got the career boost that she needed and now it's all good.


Rihanna is a grown lady. She is well educated. She is also n entertainer. Music is what she makes. It was a very silly interview. If it was me, I would also get upset. Most of the questions were nor relavant. Let us move on.


She's a celebrity.. they are the media.. they can ask whatever they would like and it's her choice on how she answers them. It is completely legitimate of them to ask about topics that are posted all over media publications, thats what is relevant. She seems to get more and more upset the more the journalist calls her on her shit... really they didn't see the potential backlash/media buzz from colaborating?! She could see the potentially horrible image she putting forward?!? While I am not saying that every pop start or recording artist for that matter needs to have a squeeky clean image but if you are going to exploit the young girl demographic, you should atleast be leading by a some-what positive example. Forgiveness is great and everything but singing/rapping about fucking your ex-boyfriend who publically hospitalized you with a beating is just tacky. By all means publically forgive him... colaborate by all means but be mindful of the content.


i believe that she knew exacly what everyone was going to think. To the matter of the whole domestic violence she shouldnt have taking chris's damn keys!

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