Rihanna Gets Another New Tattoo: What Is It?

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Rihanna got yet another tattoo over the weekend.

Spoiler alert: It's not of Chris Brown. Or Drake.

The singer, who has at least 16 other tattoos, got inked up on her ankle. That's a falcon of some kind, which she explained in the following Tweet:

Rihanna Falcon Tattoo

"Falcon: a light that always shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep," Rihanna wrote about her newest, permanent work of body art.

Among Rihanna's many other tattoos:

  • A cross on her neck
  • A gun on her ribcage
  • Various stars here and there
  • Music notes on both of her feet
  • The word "Love" on her finger

She also had a thug life tattoo at one point, though it looks like that may have been one of those temporary things. Probably for the best on that one.

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It cool to have a tatto and she is a cool person with out Chris brown. Oklkkkk. Deal with. It


Ii don't like her tatto it's stupit


The illuminatie stinks


big up ri ri....#Fuck ol the haters...simple&plain


Is that another one of her illuminati symbols..i wonder


Rihanna is not worth it she is a nasty trashy slut




Any Dr that knows how to operate a laser for tattoo removal will soon be making more money than they ever dreamed. All you dummies that keep getting inked will soon realize what short sighted decisions you have made when your forearms begin to look like a wet newspaper.


What is it? I'm not sure but one day it will be called a regret.