Rielle Hunter CRUSHED By Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

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Rielle Hunter was eviscerated on The View yesterday as the gabfest panel, in particular Whoopi Goldberg, went nuclear on John Edwards' mistress.

"In your book, you trash a dead lady," Goldberg stated, referring to Rielle Hunter's new tell-all book, in which she bashes Elizabeth Edwards often.

"That was kind of crappy."

Regarding What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me, the author responded, "I wrote to tell the truth. I was truthful about their dynamic."

In the interview, Hunter acknowledged that despite recent photos of the happy family on a North Carolina beach, she broke up with John Edwards.

Asked if the split was caused by her memoir, Rielle dodged. "I don't want to hide any more," she said. "It's hard under media scrutiny, it takes a toll."

The mother of Edwards' love child spent a good part of the interview defending herself. "I'm not a mistress, I'm a mom," Rielle Hunter insisted.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't buying it: "Truth be told, you were a mistress." 

Even Barbara Walters piled it on, saying she had a "bone to pick" with Hunter for accusing Walters of "bullying" after Rielle's interview with Oprah.

"I have no idea what you mean by that," Walters said. "I've done thousands of interviews and I've never bullied or screamed at anyone."

"I've made people cry, but I've never screamed."

"It's not the first time, and it won't be the last, that people remember things differently," replied Hunter, who may want to skip The View on her next PR tour.


If i was Rielle i would never gone to the View.Those bitches are horrible.
I remember the way they ripped president George Bush apart....especially the disgusting Behar.
Only when it comes to Barack Obama or Michelle Obama everything is peachyyyy.
Rielle indeede she's a lousy woman for what she did and say about Elizabeth Edwards....but those bitches on the View are # 1...in killing someone that they don't like.


I am appalled at the nerve of this opportunistic woman! She has no right speaking of Elizabeth in any way shape or form, has she no respect for the deceased. Obviously not since she didn't respect Elizabeth while she was alive, she also disrespected his children. He's not exactly without blame either, but to write a book & giving interviews making money off of this scandal is repulsive/shameful. I feel sorry for her daughter, right now she's completely unaware of how she came about and the scandal involved but when she's older my oh my imagine how she'll feel. She was his mistress wheather she wants to admit it or not, calling herself a mom and not a mistress ha what a crock. Have a heart homewrecker, and don't speak ill of Elizabeth! We shouldn't judge people but I couldn't hold back, Elizabeth didn't deserve to deal with all of this while she was ill and even if she hadn't been she still didn't deserve to go through this. May she rest in peace.


I think the comments I have read so far reflect exactly what Hunter is -- an opportunist. She saw some easy bucks coming her way whatever the outcome.....so now she is set financially for life. She doesn't care what people think. As for Edwards, well a loser all the way eh?
As the saying goes, "A standing cock has no conscience." Shame for the little girl I say.


A stiff dick has no conscience. She is a whore, and he is a whore monger...plain and simple...once a cheater always a cheater....once a whore always a whore.


Truthful about their dynamic????? Is she kidding? She may have been truthful about what HE TOLD HER! Shes an even bigger moron than i thought! Every cheating asshole tells his mistress and yes thats what she is, that hes unhappy and his wife is a raving bitch! Id be a raving bitch too if hy hubby couldnt keep his pants up. And oh yeah fighting cancer on top of it! As for how they treated her, good for them! Shes a tramp and if she expected a pat on the back for being a homewrecker, shes delusional and not gonna get it from anywhere!


Have never watched The View, but have to admit they asked some great questions. Rielle Hunter had an affair with a married man, wrong, wrong, wrong.


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They are not "ladies" of the view. Now I know why I skip this show; all the arguing amongst themselves so you can't hear what any of them are saying. And that's before Rielle came on. While you might not agree with Rielle Hunter, she was a "guest" on the show. If Whoopi didn't want to be there, she should have excused herself from the show instead of sitting there rolling her eyes and making faces. And don't even get me started with Elisabeth. Rude, rude, rude. Even Barbara had to make sure she evened up the score. Joy was the only one acting normal. You don't gang up on someone who is an invited guest. Wow, talk about casting stones.


That woman is a calculating bitch. She trapped him with getting pregnant so she could have a hold on him forever and made him loose his political life forever. How can he even look at her and smile is amazing. Now she attack his late wife to make money. I hope people won't be caught and buy her book. I certainly will not. His wife was very sick and probably sex was not a priority, so that woman provided what he needed and made sure she would end up pregnant. RIch, educated and good looking.. a great catch. He obviously did not think with his head and did not see her game. Bad situation all around and the victims are the kids. MB


Ok so she doesn't want to be called mistress. Does tramp work better?! Never watch the view that show is so annoying. John Edwards is nothing but a d-bag!

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