Rielle Hunter CRUSHED By Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

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Rielle Hunter was eviscerated on The View yesterday as the gabfest panel, in particular Whoopi Goldberg, went nuclear on John Edwards' mistress.

"In your book, you trash a dead lady," Goldberg stated, referring to Rielle Hunter's new tell-all book, in which she bashes Elizabeth Edwards often.

"That was kind of crappy."

Regarding What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me, the author responded, "I wrote to tell the truth. I was truthful about their dynamic."

In the interview, Hunter acknowledged that despite recent photos of the happy family on a North Carolina beach, she broke up with John Edwards.

Asked if the split was caused by her memoir, Rielle dodged. "I don't want to hide any more," she said. "It's hard under media scrutiny, it takes a toll."

The mother of Edwards' love child spent a good part of the interview defending herself. "I'm not a mistress, I'm a mom," Rielle Hunter insisted.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't buying it: "Truth be told, you were a mistress." 

Even Barbara Walters piled it on, saying she had a "bone to pick" with Hunter for accusing Walters of "bullying" after Rielle's interview with Oprah.

"I have no idea what you mean by that," Walters said. "I've done thousands of interviews and I've never bullied or screamed at anyone."

"I've made people cry, but I've never screamed."

"It's not the first time, and it won't be the last, that people remember things differently," replied Hunter, who may want to skip The View on her next PR tour.


He needed her to shut up during the trial ,and once he was done keeping her quiet for that reason , he was free to dump her after stringing her along. She was played and still doesnt get it and likely never will. Once threat of jail was over, he could drop the facade , throw her aside , and did . For as much as a pro as she thinks she is, he still has her beat but she is catching up in the sleaze department.


As others have said, Hunter is nothing more than a gold-digging tramp who has caused untold hurt to many. How she can look herself in the mirror beggars belief. She claims she wrote the book so her daughter would know the truth. I pity that poor child and I am sure when she is old enough to understand, she will be embarrassed by her mother's actions. I hope that her book finds its way to the bargain bin within the week.


He's merely distancing himself temporarily until the negativity blows over. That's all.


hypocrisy makes the world go round. touche


Fuck her.....she's just a slut looking to get famous. Ugly gold-digger.
@LIGHTNIN' Fucking fun shit dude!


Btw- pls don't acknowledge ppl like lightning. Ignorant, uneducated fools that can't get any praise in their life make foolish posts seeking attention. Don't give it to them. Let them gain some knowledge and earn it.


I loathe Rielle Hunter on every level imaginable... Any negative criticism hurled at her is true but yes, these 2 women were prob not the best ones to do it. Although they have not slandered a dead woman who who is not here to defend herself, all while relentlessly continuing to hurt her and John Edward's children. Btw- this poor excuse of a woman could NEVER have been able to tangle intellectually w/ Elizabeth while she was here. No wonder she cowardly waited to spew her venom. Shes a weak coward vacant of any decency. I applaud Elizabeth's children for continuing to take the high road. Another example of being raised properly by their mother Elizabeth. Ms Hunter is not even worthy of us, the decent ppl, speaking about her. We know the truth. It's unfortunate that we share this planet w/ human beings the likes of her. She's the worst of the worst. Let's hope she fades away forever. The sooner the better.


I dont know why Whoopie & Barabra were acting so self righteous, they did the same thing in their younger days. Whoopie help break up Ted Dansons long term marriage, made him wear black face at a Friars roast,and when the public got mad at them, a short time later they broke up. She hurted his kids when she took their father away but to look at her rolling her eyes, and making snide remarks, one would think that she was an angel. Barabra Walters did the same thing in her day too, but in her words his marriage was one of convience because he wanted to one day become the 1st black president of the united states. So she left him, trying to do the right thing. My point is where do these women get of attacking her like this, she is a guest, while I didnt expect them to treat her with kid gloves, I didnt expect them to trip up all over themselves trying to out do the other, yet again it was typical The View.


Lightnin'......you are one nasty indiividual!!!! How dare you speak of Whoopi Goldberg as you did!!! She and Joy are the only ones w/ common sense on that panel. Barbara Walters is getting creepier and creepier as she gets older. Her constant comments about Elizabeth's figure and her comments about other women w/ sexual overtones makes me vomit. I try to hit the mute button quickly whenever she opens her mouth. As for Rielle Hunter I did not watch all of it as it makes me sick how many of these tabloid stories The View seems to be doing of late. Oprah did the same thing on her show and I stopped watching her years before she finally got smart and left. Walters is also one of the biggest hypocrites in the world...she had an affair w/ a married Senator from my home state and she has the balls to sit in judgement on others. She needs to retire and get her skanky ass off the set.


OMG !! Who is Rielle kidding? She is nothing more than a money hungry tramp who had a hand in breaking up a family! She got pregnant on purpose to try and trap John Edwards, now only a tramp does something like this ! Now she says everyone is picking on her, well she has it coming, why in the world would you write a tell all book and then expect people to mind their own business, well stupid, you just made it everyones business by putting it all out there ! The only ones I feel sorry for are the kids they didn't deserve any of this ! Either did Elizabeth, RIP !!

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