Rielle Hunter Book Bashes "Crazy" Elizabeth Edwards, Claims John Had Other Affairs

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Rielle Hunter was John Edwards' mistress, but not his only one, according to her new book, What Really Happened. Yes, Rielle Hunter has a book out.

In the book, to be released June 26, Hunter reveals that John Edwards, the disgraced former White House hopeful, carried on at least two other affairs.

Rielle Hunter says she wrote it "in an effort to explain her relationship with Edwards to their daughter." We're sure money had nothing to do with it.

Rielle Hunter Book Cover

Ironically, when Edwards first met Hunter in 2006 he lied to her about having more mistresses than he actually had, and only revealed the truth years later.

After he was set to be tried for using donations from wealthy political backers to cover up his illicit affair and the daughter he had with Hunter, he came clean.

Edwards was found not guilty this spring on one count of violating campaign finance rules and a federal judge declared a mistrial on five other criminal counts.

The Justice Department will not retry the case, leaving him in the clear ... legally. His reputation, astonishingly, continues to take on more and more damage.

Hunter is vague about their current relationship status, but suggests that they remain romantically involved and he is involved in daughter Frances Quinn's life.

In an upcoming "20/20" interview, airing Friday night on ABC, Rielle Hunter says she will reveal the current status of her relationship with John Edwards.

"I really have no idea what will happen with us. The jury is still out. But I can honestly say that the ending is of no concern to me anymore," she said.

"The love is here. And as sappy as it may sound, I love living in love."

Hunter says she wants Frances Quinn to "have one entirely truthful public account of how she came into the world. After all, this is her story too."

The book is a primer on the life of a political mistress - furtive meetings, passionate trysts and the anxiety of being hounded by celebrity news tabloids.

It is additionally both a full-throated defense of Edwards' innocence on campaign finance fraud case and at times a screed against his wife Elizabeth.

Rielle Hunter routinely describes Elizabeth Edwards, now deceased, as "crazy" and blames her for driving Edwards into the arms of other women.

Hunter depicts Elizabeth as woman routinely angry at John, who "barks" demands at him, summarily fires staffers and vigilantly works to maintain a public persona as a "saint" when, Hunter writes, really she is a "witch on wheels."

Hunter and John met on February 21, 2006, at the New York Regency Hotel. She approached the former senator with the come-on, "You are so hot."

Moments later, he called to invite her up to his room.

On that first night, Edwards, then mulling a second run for the White House, said he was sexually involved with three other women simultaneously.

Throughout the first weeks of their relationship, Edwards would reference these women, even detailing trips to meet and break up with them.

But all three women, Edwards later confessed to Hunter, were fabricated.

Made up, he said, so Hunter and his other actual former mistresses, to whom he had told the same story, would not become too attached to him.

"Johnny went on to tell me that the three women he had told me about the first night I had met him were, in fact, not real and that he had made them up... My mind was racing... He had told me detail upon detail," she said.

"I remembered the ups and downs of emotion I had experienced the night he went to Chicago to supposedly break off his relationship there," she writes. "My reality in our relationship had been ripped out from under me."

Edwards, she said, later confessed to having additional affairs before 2004, but led her to believe she was his last extramarital conquest.

"Johnny didn't do anything out of character," she said. "He has a long history of lying about one thing only - women - and I thought I was different."

Following their first encounter, Edwards hired Hunter, then working as a life coach, as a videographer to join his campaign in its first few months.

Hunter travelled extensively with Edwards including on a trip to Uganda, where at his request she filmed a video of the couple having sex.

When staffers became suspicious of the affair, Rielle Hunter left the campaign and their trysts became increasingly furtive, she says.

On Dec. 31. 2006, Elizabeth uncovered the truth, calling Hunter from what she calls Edwards' "other woman" phone, a secondary cell he used.

"Hey, baby," Hunter answered assuming it was John. Elizabeth hung up.

Elizabeth, Hunter writes, repeatedly called her "for the next two days at all hours of the day and night from various numbers" to intimidate her.

John Edwards was also subjected to Elizabeth's wrath as she "physically attack[ed] him during all the screaming," according to Rielle.

Hunter has little sympathy for Elizabeth's behavior.

She writes that Edwards' wife of three decades "was bonkers because she had been in denial" about his cheating, and a "venomous" individual.

In July 2007, Rielle Hunter learns she is pregnant and reveals her pregnancy one week later to Edwards and his trusted aide Andrew Young.

Young and his wife Cheri had taken on the role of keeping Hunter hidden from his increasingly suspicious wife and the National Enquirer.

News of Hunter's pregnancy resulted in a bizarre arrangement in which Hunter lived with the Youngs and their small children, traveling across the country and ultimately settling in to a mansion in Santa Barbara, Calif.

When still in North Carolina, a pregnant Hunter was photographed by the Enquirer in a supermarket parking lot, leading to one of the strangest twists in the story - Andrew Young claimed paternity of her unborn child.

She claims it was Young's decision, but Edwards went along with it.

Hunter claims Edwards did not conspire to funnel money to her from donors, seeing as she never received it and he had no idea who paid her bills.


Hunter is a poor role model for a young daughter. Her resentment that Elizabeth Edwards controlled where she lived, “team Edwards� and the inconvenience SHE was caused, “rent was to be taken out of the child support…left us with basically no money.� Quinn, know this, you don’t NEED YOUR BOYFRIEND, OR HIS WIFE, TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. It’s CHILD SUPPORT, not MISTRESS SUPPORT, or GIRLFRIEND SUPPORT. Quinn, when you grow up, always be able to take care of yourself, be able to support yourself, until then, you’re not responsible for taking care of your mother.


Hunter should"shut the hell up". She thought john was going to a MARRY HER, "NOT". I pray the book don't make any money.


If u lay with dogs you gets fleas. John Edwards is a dog & Rielle is a ho. She slept with him without so much as a though to his wife & family. She's nasty not Elizabeth. How dare her bash his wife after she died of cancer. I hope her tell all book bombs. Quinn will make her own assessment of her mother when she gets old enough to hear the sordid details. Rielle keep your legs closed to married men. You have made yourself look pathetic giving these interviews. I don't buy the reason for your book. You are an opportunist slut with no morals or concern for family. John dumped u because he realized you weren't worth the betrayal of his love Elizabeth & his children. Go away =you have no shame


Dont by the book


Rielle Hunter is one of the ugliest whores I've ever seen! In addition to being sick and disgusting. It seems that prick John Edwards would sleep with anything. Elizabeth Edwards is a woman of grace and heroism to go through what she did.


Wow, there are a lot of venom spewing folks out there that are worse than the two woman they love to dump on. I was truly sorry about Elizabeths struggles with her cancer, but equally sorry that she found it necessary to denigrate the father of her children so publicly. John Edwards has many talents but he "aint no saint!" Neither are people beyond reproach, just because they suddenly become ill. And a woman who falls in love with a married man - people - that has happened forever and a day!
Clearly humans change a lot over the course of their married years. Both marital partners need to communicate and not bully each other into the behavior they expect of each other.
The tragic sudden death of the Eward's son Wayne from a car accident as a teenager must have left scars, fears and uncertainties which can lead to controlling behavior as well as risk taking.
So leave them alone.


Now, now everyone. Calm down. We don't know everything that went on. BUT, from we what we DO know, I can't help but feel profound sorrow for the 3 little children. I suggest that John and Rielle go back to Sunday School 101 -- get the "Thou Shalt Nots" down pat and then repent and find healing so that the children really can have stable, good, role model in their parents. Let's pray for all of them. Seriously.


I believe there maybe a case against Hunter here; she is slandering the mother of John Edwards's legitimate children and they as well be able to have a civil case against her. She really better watch out it very well may happen. How do you expect the children of someone you slept with to look at you with respect and honor if you bash their mother? She just keeps on producing trash and garbage that will catch up with her sooner than later. I am not saying John is not a jerk in this too but she is the one writing and publishing lies and name calling that will get her in trouble and sure hope it does if she doesn't stop it!


I'll wait until the book is available in paperback, and I still won't purchase it. Edwards is a typical Democrat, morals of an alley cat, but this whore knew he was married.


Check out her picture on the book cover. She has obviously had plastic surgery, and doesn't look quite as skanky as before. Clearly she and Edwards are not together, or she would not be trashing him in her book.

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