Rielle Hunter and John Edwards: Still Together as a Couple!

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Rielle Hunter says she's unsure if she and John Edwards will wed one day, but she's forever grateful for him and for their daughter. He's also hot.

After years of secrecy, Rielle - the mistress whose relationship with John ended his bid for the presidency and his marriage - is coming clean now.

"I fell in love with a married man and became something I wasn't in order to be with him," Hunter tells People, while promoting her new book.

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What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me details the couple's past ... and present. "We're still together as a couple," she says.

Rielle, whose book claims John had other affairs and paints his late wife as a bona fide crazy person, won't predict the future, however.

"Marriage? Have no idea," she says. "I'm not a big fan of the institution but never say never." Hunter, 48, sees Edwards, 59, regularly in any case.

"Sometimes five days in a row. Sometimes every two weeks. It varies ... he'll play with [Quinn] for hours. He empties the dishwasher. He cooks."

"Johnny and I have been through so much awfulness with the wrath of America directed at us," she adds. "But I followed my heart and I don't regret it."

The main reason? "It produced the greatest love in my entire life: Frances Quinn," she writes of the couple's love child, now four years old.

Of their sex life, she says, "I don't think that's anyone's business." But, when asked if she thinks the former U.S. Senator is hot, she says "I do!"

Brings a tear to your eye, no?


My goodness she made me want to throw up. she spelled SLUT in every way. And she believes that he was controlled by his wife. if that were the case he would not have dragged you into his bed on the first meeting.And you were the tiger on prowl.you knew what you were doing and you were prepared to have a booty call. No matter how you try to dress this up it is what it is. You and John both should hide your faces.I feel so sorry for Elizabeth's children and the legacy that you guys left her.All thru your interview you still cannot own up to the wrong that you a woman inflicted upon another.And then you write a book that you want people to buy .You are a cheat and a home wrecker. Remember this if you don't repent before you stand before GOD.I feel sorry for your daughter you have left her an awful LEGACY to have to live with.


She makes Camilla-Parker Bowles seem like the height of class.


She brings sleaze to an entirely new level.


If I remember correctly....there is a passage in the Bible that refers to a woman who seduces....I believe it says she lures them & her seducing will literally lead the man right down into "sheol"or "sheoul"....last time I read....that was another word for Hell....Thou shall not commit adultry....fornicators & liars will find themselves in Hell....Repent....if you do not believe the bible....then remember that eternity is a very long time to think about it.


In Texas, you, Rielle Hunter, are known as "white trash and ugly as homemade sin". How do you have the audacity to capitalize on your book by making public appearances on TV and by your derogatory comments about Elizabeth Edwards? You should hide your head in shame SLUT.


Elizabeth was far better wife and woman than Rielle. Rielle is just plain ugly. Give that woman a bag!!! Get her out of our misery!!! Elizabeth outdid her ten fold, even on a day she was at her worst.


..and isn't being a SLOTH one of the seven deadly sins? EW! Lazy and useless. That girl needs to go clean some bed pans of the sick and dying or at least sit next to them as they take some of their last breaths. She is all about her. Elizabeth cut out of this life because a) ashe had enough and b) it was his time to play tug of war with someone that isnt nearly as gratifying as a partner as she was. See? Not so much fun now, is it?


If he is so stupid that he still spends time with her then he is worse off than I ever imagined. He could easily have someone pick his child up and bring her to him! I'm sure him being a lawyer he'd know how to go about visitation with his child without seeing that idiot if he wanted to do so... If he doesn't want to see his child without seeing that awful person then he is a weaker, dumber man than I thought.


Rielle should keep her mouth shut about Elizabeth Edwards.That poor woman was sick and all she did was do good. And its funny with Rielle, its all about her and Quinn and John.What about John's children, they deserve love and care too if this lying couple still is a couple. Got news for you Miss Hunter what goes around comes around.He was cheating on her watch out he be cheating on you too!!!!!


Hunter, if you think your sex life with John is nobody's business and concerned with Americans judging you, why in the !@#$% are you publically publishing a tell-all book about you sleazy affair with John? If you don't like it, you should have shut your legs and mouth up!

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