Rielle Hunter and John Edwards: Still Together as a Couple!

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Rielle Hunter says she's unsure if she and John Edwards will wed one day, but she's forever grateful for him and for their daughter. He's also hot.

After years of secrecy, Rielle - the mistress whose relationship with John ended his bid for the presidency and his marriage - is coming clean now.

"I fell in love with a married man and became something I wasn't in order to be with him," Hunter tells People, while promoting her new book.

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What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me details the couple's past ... and present. "We're still together as a couple," she says.

Rielle, whose book claims John had other affairs and paints his late wife as a bona fide crazy person, won't predict the future, however.

"Marriage? Have no idea," she says. "I'm not a big fan of the institution but never say never." Hunter, 48, sees Edwards, 59, regularly in any case.

"Sometimes five days in a row. Sometimes every two weeks. It varies ... he'll play with [Quinn] for hours. He empties the dishwasher. He cooks."

"Johnny and I have been through so much awfulness with the wrath of America directed at us," she adds. "But I followed my heart and I don't regret it."

The main reason? "It produced the greatest love in my entire life: Frances Quinn," she writes of the couple's love child, now four years old.

Of their sex life, she says, "I don't think that's anyone's business." But, when asked if she thinks the former U.S. Senator is hot, she says "I do!"

Brings a tear to your eye, no?


Jessie - Hi Josh!Dustin and I checked out the sldohseiw while we're here on our honeymoon (I couldn't resist!), and we LOVE the pictures. You are such an amazing photographer- I am so happy with them. I can't wait to see the rest.You really captured the beauty of our perfect fall day. You helped make everything go so smoothly too, and we so thankful to you for all these great memories!October 24, 2008 8:37 pm


The love fest on CNN reveals that Piers would take
da plunge with this extortionist.


Brielle Hunter is a whore. John Edwards is a whore monger. I only excuse his behavior because he is a man and a man is as men are. They are psycho, bio, and physiology tuned to go alone with this type of behavior unscathed and unattached. She on the other hand is delusional to have participate(d) in this madness


I feel sorry for their child.


what a losser she is.. Someone is dying and she steps in and kills her faster by screwing her hubby...What a pig she is...
And we all know John is s big A hole...


They are both trash........


this lady is proud of her seducing ways, he is a bum. Elizabeth, may not have been perfect but she loved her children and husband. The tramp took all the trust and life out of her, sure Elizabeth made a scene, all because of Reille,. Now, she is resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus, cant say that will happen to those two cheaters. Her face makes me sick.


I cannot believe the nativity of this ?woman...... She has no rationale whatsoever and her surprise that John denied his child out of wedlock is almost laughable. She is the one who was the intruder in this family. She blames Elizabeth? She doesn't know elizabeth...and she has assisted in the breakup of a family. O know, my father cheated on my mom and his mistress aisles and abetted in hurting all the children involved. It's not just the married couple and the cheater. You are hurting everyone around the family. Shame on you, you have no reasons or excuses. You both are liars and cheaters to your children, ALL your children. You cheat on your spouse, you cheat on your children!! And we are to trust our government officials with cheating...man that's scary! I cannot trust anyone who,would cheat, they are liars. There is NO reason to be a cheater. Stop being so stupid Rielle


Yes, affairs are wrong. Yes, everyone involved in this whole mess made a lot of mistakes and told many, many lies. However, Ms. Hunter is correct. She is not the first person, nor will she be the last person, who has ever fallen in love with a married person. It is wrong but it happens. Obviously, there is love between the two, whether the american public likes it or not. Why else, after all these years would they still be together?


Good grief! she has the audicity to talk about the natural beauty Elizabeth Edwards. What she says shows she and John Edwards (for condoning it) have no regard for Elizabeth and John's still minor dependent children. I wonder why the older daughter Katie doesn't speak up and stop the slaughter of her mother? Shame on all of them.

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