Rielle Hunter and John Edwards: It's Over!

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Less than a week after saying she was still together with John Edwards, Rielle Hunter now says she and the disgraced politician are no longer a couple.

Apparently they broke up within the last few days.

"We are a family, but as of the end of last week, John Edwards and I are no longer a couple," she said on today's Good Morning America. "Not at all."

Rielle Hunter is Crazy
John Edwards Lies

Rielle Hunter, who has a daughter, Quinn, 4, with John, said she still loves the two-time presidential candidate, who was seen at her beach house last week.

As for whether that feeling is mutual, "You have to ask him," said Hunter, whose covert relationship with Edwards was exposed and led to his political downfall.

"I really think he does."

"I fell in love with a married man and became something I wasn't in order to be with him," Hunter gushed last week, while promoting her new book.

Rielle would not reveal who initiated the split with the former U.S. Senator from North Carolina, only, "We decided to end it. It's hard. It's painful."

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What Reille doesn't realize is that she will go down in history as a villain. What does that do for her daughter. You can't re-write history. History is history. Can you imagine 50 years from now, her name will still be relavent. Kids in history class will be reading about this awful woman, who brought down a US Senator, would be Vice-President and caused grave emotional harm to his dying wife. Something to be really proud of Reille. Way to go!!!


Adolf, have you lost your mind? Pullleeezzzee spare us!


I recently saw her interview on The Talk and was appalled at the ease in which she talks about her relationship details with the married Presidential hopeful and how he had a bad marriage. I guess that's supposed to make everything ok. She doesn't seem to have any trouble being paid money to keep her or trying to cash in on what should be her shameful behavior. Instead she throws fuel on the fire with her "version" and excuse for joining the likes of John in simply smashing Elizabeth's remaining time of what should have been, love, care and happy last memories......I hope John does distance himself from her. He has a lot of repair to attend to with his primary family.


Rank:New User-Right ON! You said the truth and the truth hurts sometimes! If Reille wants this family she should have never wrote this book and had it published! She needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for her actions and stop the sale of her book.She's practically destroyed any chance of Quinn having a civil relationship with Elizabeth's and Johns other children.If anyone's family has been divorced or has half siblings, the only way it will work is if there is mutual respect for each family member; that includes ex spouses and their families as well. Otherwise, forget it! It takes both of them to make it work and when the other doesn't want to try it will not work!


Rank:New User you are correct! It is sad and unfortunate but true!


Shelby, it is up to Elizabeth's children to decide if they want a relationship with their half sister or not. They do not have to accept her or Rielle in their lives. Yes there was more issues going on in mine that I will not share in public. I have talked to my pastor over it and due to the issues in my step family we don't have to socialize with them onlty be civil when I visit dad. Sometimes in certain cases this is what you have to do when certain people deliberately want to hurt your family.So we are done! We cannot say for Elizabeth's children; this is a road they have to decide for themselves and nobody else can make it for them.


what did she expect...
" marriage "?
What Comes Around, Goes Around.
He will get his, all on due time.


@Cbinatl I understand that you as well as others in your position have experienced much pain. However, life moves on for most. I've seen families heal and blend despite the circumstances. It IS possible. And now that Quinn is a reality....it's important that at least an attempt be made. You have pain no doubt. You sound like someone still needing to work through what's happened in your family. It's always best when family members go through that healing journey. Time to forgive and move on. No one says it's easy, but it's needed.


To WooWisdom and Shelby, if you never have dealt with divorce or a parent who cheated on your other parent the pain can be very great! The one who really gets hurt are the children of divorce, children like Elizabeth's and John's children because they are in the middle of messes.It is not right or fair to John and Elizabeth's children to be forced to accept Rielle and the illegitimate half sister whom was not wanted originally by John.I don't see this working out at all being a civil family.Only John and Rielle should be civil with each other for Quinn's sake. It is not the responsibility of Elizabeth's children to accept or welcome Quinn or Rielle into their lives; especially now that Rielle has bad mouthed their mother. I know because I have experienced this in my family and it is difficult to find acceptance when someone who you didn't invite into the family to bad mouth your mother.


If it's over why does the following link show them having sex? http://youtu.be/5oltmknb3Q4

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