Reporter Interrupts Obama Immigration Speech, Spars With President

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As President Obama explained a major immigration policy switch Friday in a Rose Garden statement, he got into an unexpected tussle with a reporter.

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    Donna you have been great,as well as,you Janet.Take care.


    kenny donna is a mom i want the best for u and most important enjoy college honey and work hard.


    keny honey not overwhelm u-self.being able to vote should be fun and do not feel bad if ur candidate didnt win.theres next time


    Janet, stay neutral!!! Not once have I said vote republican nor should you say vote democrat! I could debate everything you say but want this first time voter to research.

    I am pro gay. Don't scare him, he needs to form his own opinions. We have ours. Kenny is an educated young man that needs to form his own opinions. I stayed as neutral as I could. Please do the same.


    who need med. insurance?know someone who moved to the states as a kid?talk to them get their thoughts.


    I missed a question......there can be two of the same party at the lower levels. Your options, if you like one candidate choose them or skip meaning you like neither. The third is a write in meaning a candidate on a ballot that has showed interest in the job but is not on the ballot.
    The only other thing I left out are Independents. That means they are a netural party that can vote repub or dem on each issue. Do your homework because sometimes independents can vote largely for one party then the other.

    At the end of the day it is your choice Kenny. When you go to your polling place they will have a mock ballot with instructions. Take your time and read. Knowledge is power. Ignore all people as you enter.....they are pushing their candidate. You will already know your vote through research.


    kenny do u have friends,relative,who r gay?who r n military?who r unemply?who need food stamps lost job?


    Kenny, stop now and research. Trying to answer your questions.....there are tax breaks. So your mom and dad may not get the same tax breaks. There are multiple kinds and the lawyer may know them.
    I will pretend you are my son since he will be voting for the first time. Obama saying he supports gays is nice but means nothing. Each state has it's own set of rules. Ex your classrooms, some teachers may allow you to use a cell phone while others may not. You have to follow the rules of each teacher or state.
    Repubs are often seen like your boss described as well as dems. It is complicated and not that easy.
    Research and come back. Maybe we can help clear things up. Your parents are right education and a career are key to a nice life. Research, it will create more questions.


    @Kenny Eyes is not racist as bleeding heart liberal Janet would like you to think. I only speak the truth. Nothing racial about labeling the political machine Obama comes for what it is. Kenny you need to look at a variety of political blogs and publications to form your opinion. Don't let Janet here spoon feed you her pablum of political views. She is quite one-sided. You notice she just keeps pumping you with comment after comment. Think she hopes to make a strong impression on your fledgling views that need to be nurtured by a variety of other sources aside from her own.

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