The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County Heather and Terry throw a party and one of the housewives brings a party-crasher as her date.

How did that turn out in part one of the two-part finale?

Find out right here in THG's official +/- recap!

Heather Dubrow, Cake

Tamra meets Heather and Gretchen for dinner to show off her new bling and tell the story. She called Heather from Bora Bora. She didn't call Gretchen. Minus 12.

And minus 3 for those giant blue feather earrings Gretchen's wearing.

Tamra thought Gretchen would be upset, but Gretchen's happy for her. Plus 10. Mostly happy at least. There's that whole "Tamra just signed her divorce papers" thing.

Tamra hasn't been able to get in touch with Vicki because Vicki's spending all her time with Brooks. Ew.

Alexis meets up with Sarah and tells her about Phony-gate. Apparently, Alexis is just nice. And nice means phony now in Alexis Land. And in the real world "nice" means "nice" and "phony" means Alexis. Minus 8.

Sarah says the other women are just jealous. And then she says Heather's had too much Botox. And then Alexis invites Sarah to be her wingwoman at Heather's party and all I see is Sarah starting drama. Minus 5.

It's party day at Heather's house. She's celebrating her name change. And giving somebody a diamond in a champagne glass. Plus 20.
The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast

Vicki's heard Eddie and Tamra are engaged and she thinks it's too soon. Considering she's technically still married and in a relationship with Brooks, she's not one to talk. Minus 12.

Brooks bought her a fur. Poor, poor baby rabbits and foxes and small woodland creatures. Minus 52.

This will be Vicki's first time seeing Briana since their fight. Cue more drama!

Tamra's suspicious of Brooks, too. She and Briana should hook up and compare notes.

Alexis and Sarah isn't at all nervous about going to Heather's house. She plans to demand apologies from the women if any of them bring up Costa Rica. Good luck with that, Alexis.

At Chateau Dubrow, party prep is in full swing. This is going to be a swanky affair. Plus 20.

Terry wonders if Alexis will confront either of them about Terry's comments. Heather says that would be "wildly inappropriate." Alexis, in her conversation with Sarah, seems to agree. She's going to let Jim handle it at lunch. But Sarah plans to call the doctor onto the carpet. In his own home. When she's a guest of a guest. Minus 15.

This Sarah girl is just all sorts of ballsy.

Alexis Bellino on the RHOC

Sarah was entirely uninvited to the party and Heather's kind of surprised to see her. But, ever the lady, she invites Sarah to get a cocktail. Plus 5.

Something tells me Sarah shouldn't drink though. I think it'll be like feeding Gizmo after midnight--Gremlins.

Vicki cannot shut up about her new fur and how Brooks bought it.

Briana shows up and Vicki pretends their fight never happened. Must be nice in the Land of Denial.

Sarah walks herself right into the kitchen to start munching on whatever food she finds. Alexis follows her to the bathroom and says "Your eyes look a little drunk. Maybe we should sip water." Maybe that's the best idea Alexis has had all season. Plus 15.

Jeana's here as a guest of Gretchen and Slade. Tamra's not excited. In fact, she seems downright scared.

Vicki, however, is happy to have her there if for no other reason than to show off her new coat. AGAIN. And, of course, shock them with her tale of how Briana deprived her of her mother of the bride duties by eloping. AGAIN. Minus 57.

Heather Dubrow Pic

Kara, Jeana's daughter, brought a poncho to the party, just in case Tamra decides to throw more glasses of wine. Plus 4 for being prepared.

Tamra, Kara, and Jeana talk and Tamra cries "please just be my friend again." She ain't too proud to beg, y'all.

Alexis should've kept better tabs on Sarah's alcohol intake. Sarah "has a sugar problem" so she helps herself to a piece of the bow from Heather's cake. Then she calls Heather fake and pretentious and Alexis tells Heather she's overreacting.

Except Sarah's a sloppy drunk and she's rude and disgusting to boot.


Next week on the season finale, Tamra and Briana DO compare notes on Brooks and things get ugly between Tamra and Vicki. Finally.


Wow, interesting dynamics at play in the OC....much hypocrisy as well. Though there is much to comment on, and I agree with most of the previous comments, I must say that as tacty as it was for Sarah to take a premature bite out of the cake, Heather, her hubby and the others totally overreacted. I would have just let it go and made a mental note to ban Sarah from future parties. However, this is the OC and the camera rolls....I'm definitely not liking Heather as time goes on, talk about pretentious!!! Yikes!


It's just a show. Fake and scripted


I could be remembering wrong but I thought I heard that Jeana had been invited by Gretchen. So if Alexis invited Sarah (actually Sarah said I'll go if you go and Alexis accepted). So why is it a problem with Alexis and not with Gretchen? I know everyone is remembering her behavior bowling with Vickie but if its OK for one it has to be for all.


All of the Orange County housewives are pretentious and fake. Everyone of the wives wants to be the queen bee, the cutest, the richest, the most of whatever. I lived in OC many years ago and I never want to live there again.


Heather is truly a better woman than me cuz if this uninvited bitch came to my home got drunk, bit the bow of my cake and then has the balls to not only half ass apologize if that but insult me at my own party she'd had her ass kicked and then thrown out of my home immediately and her supporters to. Alexis bitch take several seats and stfu, how u can make light of this buckethead makes u look twice as bad you should've took her ass home and not brought her n the 1st place.


These r so entertaining to watch. rich people and a scripted view of their cool! It's totally replaced watching Days of Our Lives and the Young and The Restless 4 me. It's the new soap opera era in the form of these reality shows. I can care less for those daytime soaps. Judging from these posted comments i'm not alone n my viewing tastes.


Heather has really grown on me hands down she is my favorite and i love how she articulates when she's expressing herself no yelling but to the point and assertive i felt she has handled herself very classy this season. I initially pre-judged her as a prude, vicki's twin and thought she'd b a snob, braggin about her past acting career but she turned out 2 b an outgoing adventerous chick willing 2 hav fun and not b hung up on her image. I like her realness. Tamra, vicki and alexis r lost causes.....NEXT!


Gretchen, the perfect song for you and Slade is Tracy Chapman's "At this point in my life". "At this point in my life I've done so many things wrong. Don't know if I can do right. Put your faith in me. Hope I won't let you down. Give me a chance. I'll try." Best of luck, I am pulling for you.


I agree, Brooks is very strange he adds nothing to any conversation and he's always just sitting there on Vicki's coattails. Does the guy work, where does he live, and where is his family!


Alexis WHERE'S "Jim" all the time? If your husbands not into this show get off of it! Your an idiot!

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