The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County Heather and Terry throw a party and one of the housewives brings a party-crasher as her date.

How did that turn out in part one of the two-part finale?

Find out right here in THG's official +/- recap!

Heather Dubrow, Cake

Tamra meets Heather and Gretchen for dinner to show off her new bling and tell the story. She called Heather from Bora Bora. She didn't call Gretchen. Minus 12.

And minus 3 for those giant blue feather earrings Gretchen's wearing.

Tamra thought Gretchen would be upset, but Gretchen's happy for her. Plus 10. Mostly happy at least. There's that whole "Tamra just signed her divorce papers" thing.

Tamra hasn't been able to get in touch with Vicki because Vicki's spending all her time with Brooks. Ew.

Alexis meets up with Sarah and tells her about Phony-gate. Apparently, Alexis is just nice. And nice means phony now in Alexis Land. And in the real world "nice" means "nice" and "phony" means Alexis. Minus 8.

Sarah says the other women are just jealous. And then she says Heather's had too much Botox. And then Alexis invites Sarah to be her wingwoman at Heather's party and all I see is Sarah starting drama. Minus 5.

It's party day at Heather's house. She's celebrating her name change. And giving somebody a diamond in a champagne glass. Plus 20.
The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast

Vicki's heard Eddie and Tamra are engaged and she thinks it's too soon. Considering she's technically still married and in a relationship with Brooks, she's not one to talk. Minus 12.

Brooks bought her a fur. Poor, poor baby rabbits and foxes and small woodland creatures. Minus 52.

This will be Vicki's first time seeing Briana since their fight. Cue more drama!

Tamra's suspicious of Brooks, too. She and Briana should hook up and compare notes.

Alexis and Sarah isn't at all nervous about going to Heather's house. She plans to demand apologies from the women if any of them bring up Costa Rica. Good luck with that, Alexis.

At Chateau Dubrow, party prep is in full swing. This is going to be a swanky affair. Plus 20.

Terry wonders if Alexis will confront either of them about Terry's comments. Heather says that would be "wildly inappropriate." Alexis, in her conversation with Sarah, seems to agree. She's going to let Jim handle it at lunch. But Sarah plans to call the doctor onto the carpet. In his own home. When she's a guest of a guest. Minus 15.

This Sarah girl is just all sorts of ballsy.

Alexis Bellino on the RHOC

Sarah was entirely uninvited to the party and Heather's kind of surprised to see her. But, ever the lady, she invites Sarah to get a cocktail. Plus 5.

Something tells me Sarah shouldn't drink though. I think it'll be like feeding Gizmo after midnight--Gremlins.

Vicki cannot shut up about her new fur and how Brooks bought it.

Briana shows up and Vicki pretends their fight never happened. Must be nice in the Land of Denial.

Sarah walks herself right into the kitchen to start munching on whatever food she finds. Alexis follows her to the bathroom and says "Your eyes look a little drunk. Maybe we should sip water." Maybe that's the best idea Alexis has had all season. Plus 15.

Jeana's here as a guest of Gretchen and Slade. Tamra's not excited. In fact, she seems downright scared.

Vicki, however, is happy to have her there if for no other reason than to show off her new coat. AGAIN. And, of course, shock them with her tale of how Briana deprived her of her mother of the bride duties by eloping. AGAIN. Minus 57.

Heather Dubrow Pic

Kara, Jeana's daughter, brought a poncho to the party, just in case Tamra decides to throw more glasses of wine. Plus 4 for being prepared.

Tamra, Kara, and Jeana talk and Tamra cries "please just be my friend again." She ain't too proud to beg, y'all.

Alexis should've kept better tabs on Sarah's alcohol intake. Sarah "has a sugar problem" so she helps herself to a piece of the bow from Heather's cake. Then she calls Heather fake and pretentious and Alexis tells Heather she's overreacting.

Except Sarah's a sloppy drunk and she's rude and disgusting to boot.


Next week on the season finale, Tamra and Briana DO compare notes on Brooks and things get ugly between Tamra and Vicki. Finally.


I agree with Kathi. They are all silly women in their own right. They all take themselves WAY too seriously and are dead-set on being "right" despite all the inane things they all say and do. And it says something about all of them that they are so willing to trot out their lives for all to see.

@ LadyD

Vicki Gunvalson-$450,000
Tamra Barney- $350,000
Gretchen Rossi -$300,000
Alexis Bellino -$200,000
Per season, I'd make an ass outta myself too if it meant that after 6 seasons (which are only filmed for a few months) I'd be almost 3 milion dollars riches. then i'd leave and be CAREFREE;-)
Hell, I'd take one season @ 200k to be honest,


Alexis shoudn't be with these ladies at all...Way out of their league. Heather and her husband are very classy and respectful, Sarah doesn't belong there either..trailer trash?????
Vicki needs to do a Dunn & bradstreet on Brooks...really? No job no car no money, no teeth? But can buy a fur coat which by the way was very ugly..Briana has every right to be afraid, be very afraid


Who has a name changing party and has friends invite guests? Is that how things are done behind the gates? Also, Heather handed Sarah an Oreo ...really...she buys oreos? Dr Terry sure does have an interest in the idle fake friend gossip. My husband would listen to that nonsense for about two seconds. And he isn't a plastic surgeon. Did you know heathers husband was a plastic surgeon? Their house is beyond the successful plastic surgeon money....

@ Shelly

Heather actually has her own $, she was worth something like $3 million before OC, and she "only" makes 30k per season being a noob. She has a worked from the early 90's until 05 or so in TV. I remember her mostly from Jenny w/Jenny McCarthy back in the day. And then she starred in that's life for 2 seasons.
Her parents have $$ too, dads a CEO, mom was a designer. Terry did several TV plastic surgery shows- The Swan and the most recent 'Bridalplasty" on E. In 2010 Terry's worth morenmillions, between his practice, 2 TV shows outside of RHOC and a book he co-wrote as well.
Together their worth around 12 million. Explains the house, especially since Terry's last net worth calculations where in 2010.


I agree. Alexis should have made a hasty exit with her classless, trashy friend. And I would sure like to know what in the hell Alexis thinks the other girls are jealous about. If anything, I think that Tamara; although a little bit obnoxious at times, is the sexiest and prettiest. Vicky ahould seek some serious therapy and stop living a fantasy love life with that Brook's guy, if that is even his real name. He seems like such a con artist. Don't you agree? Oh and P.S. What a beautiful gorgeous house Heather and her husband have. It's exactly like the one I bought in my head, Ha!


If I remember correctly, Sarah was introduced in the beginning of the season as Gretchens frien who Gretchen likes to hang with and drink cause she does not care what anyone thinks, so where was Gretchen through out all this? Not helping out another friend.


When an uninvited guest drinks to much, takes a bite out of the hostess cake and then tells them they are phony and pretentious, it tells me she is one juicy broad. Alexis should have apologized to Heather and taken Sarah home. That would have shown some class on her part, but then, Alexis has no class whatsoever. By the way Lex, these women are not jealous of you, they feel sorry for you. Jeez, get over yourself.


Heather and her husband are truly a high class act (among the low lifes of the cast). Sarah was not invited - but Alexis guest and they both should excuse themselves out of the house! She takes up space! no wonder her husband didn't come! he's the only real thing in her life - or is he?


I'm sorry, but Heather WAY overreacted about that damn cake. It's a freaking cake, who cares??!! It was ugly anyway, and I really don't think anyone over the age of 5 should get upset over something so ridiculous. It's not a wedding cake, it's NOT a big deal. That being said, that Sarah chick IS disgusting and never needs to be on the show again.
Best part of the show was Cara and her rain poncho! Tamra is as fake as they come, and I'm really tired of her calling Alexis out for being fake when she needs to look in the mirror. And her saying Vicki bought the fur and not Brooks? Rude!!! Getting tired of all of these ladies. I usually like Heather, but she was such a brat this episode, sorry. It was 1/2 off the bottom of a bow, quit acting like that Sarah chick broke your best china, banged your husband, AND sh*t on the carpet!


Lmao,no one is jealous of Alexis. Geesh when your that much of an idiot they can only think of the jealously card. Right now Vicki is there too with Brooks. What a joke,wake up!!! I have to throw up every time she mentions love tank!


@dag1961 hey Alexis get off the site. It's so you talkin. There's no mental note to make news flash she WASN'T invited to begin with airhead didn't u watch the show? Heather was shocked she was there bcuz she didnt invite her nor did alexis inform her, im sure heather knew jeana was coming cuz gretchen told her. You sound just as dumb as your idol go sit down and stfu

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