The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County Heather and Terry throw a party and one of the housewives brings a party-crasher as her date.

How did that turn out in part one of the two-part finale?

Find out right here in THG's official +/- recap!

Heather Dubrow, Cake

Tamra meets Heather and Gretchen for dinner to show off her new bling and tell the story. She called Heather from Bora Bora. She didn't call Gretchen. Minus 12.

And minus 3 for those giant blue feather earrings Gretchen's wearing.

Tamra thought Gretchen would be upset, but Gretchen's happy for her. Plus 10. Mostly happy at least. There's that whole "Tamra just signed her divorce papers" thing.

Tamra hasn't been able to get in touch with Vicki because Vicki's spending all her time with Brooks. Ew.

Alexis meets up with Sarah and tells her about Phony-gate. Apparently, Alexis is just nice. And nice means phony now in Alexis Land. And in the real world "nice" means "nice" and "phony" means Alexis. Minus 8.

Sarah says the other women are just jealous. And then she says Heather's had too much Botox. And then Alexis invites Sarah to be her wingwoman at Heather's party and all I see is Sarah starting drama. Minus 5.

It's party day at Heather's house. She's celebrating her name change. And giving somebody a diamond in a champagne glass. Plus 20.
The Real Housewives of Orange County Cast

Vicki's heard Eddie and Tamra are engaged and she thinks it's too soon. Considering she's technically still married and in a relationship with Brooks, she's not one to talk. Minus 12.

Brooks bought her a fur. Poor, poor baby rabbits and foxes and small woodland creatures. Minus 52.

This will be Vicki's first time seeing Briana since their fight. Cue more drama!

Tamra's suspicious of Brooks, too. She and Briana should hook up and compare notes.

Alexis and Sarah isn't at all nervous about going to Heather's house. She plans to demand apologies from the women if any of them bring up Costa Rica. Good luck with that, Alexis.

At Chateau Dubrow, party prep is in full swing. This is going to be a swanky affair. Plus 20.

Terry wonders if Alexis will confront either of them about Terry's comments. Heather says that would be "wildly inappropriate." Alexis, in her conversation with Sarah, seems to agree. She's going to let Jim handle it at lunch. But Sarah plans to call the doctor onto the carpet. In his own home. When she's a guest of a guest. Minus 15.

This Sarah girl is just all sorts of ballsy.

Alexis Bellino on the RHOC

Sarah was entirely uninvited to the party and Heather's kind of surprised to see her. But, ever the lady, she invites Sarah to get a cocktail. Plus 5.

Something tells me Sarah shouldn't drink though. I think it'll be like feeding Gizmo after midnight--Gremlins.

Vicki cannot shut up about her new fur and how Brooks bought it.

Briana shows up and Vicki pretends their fight never happened. Must be nice in the Land of Denial.

Sarah walks herself right into the kitchen to start munching on whatever food she finds. Alexis follows her to the bathroom and says "Your eyes look a little drunk. Maybe we should sip water." Maybe that's the best idea Alexis has had all season. Plus 15.

Jeana's here as a guest of Gretchen and Slade. Tamra's not excited. In fact, she seems downright scared.

Vicki, however, is happy to have her there if for no other reason than to show off her new coat. AGAIN. And, of course, shock them with her tale of how Briana deprived her of her mother of the bride duties by eloping. AGAIN. Minus 57.

Heather Dubrow Pic

Kara, Jeana's daughter, brought a poncho to the party, just in case Tamra decides to throw more glasses of wine. Plus 4 for being prepared.

Tamra, Kara, and Jeana talk and Tamra cries "please just be my friend again." She ain't too proud to beg, y'all.

Alexis should've kept better tabs on Sarah's alcohol intake. Sarah "has a sugar problem" so she helps herself to a piece of the bow from Heather's cake. Then she calls Heather fake and pretentious and Alexis tells Heather she's overreacting.

Except Sarah's a sloppy drunk and she's rude and disgusting to boot.


Next week on the season finale, Tamra and Briana DO compare notes on Brooks and things get ugly between Tamra and Vicki. Finally.


I like Heather, she is savvy and has great taste. Tamra should mind her own business and stop telling Vicky to dump Brooks (some women don't mind supporting a man). Sarah is a drunk, plain and simple. Alexis is a phony (I agree with Terry). Gretchen is too beautiful and sweet for slimy Slade.


I cannot believe that Tamra is such a S--- she is so trailor trash in every spence of the word. I hope her boyfriend dumpd the B---- she has no respect for anyone she has
been unbelievable to everyone on this show and dosent deserve any respect. Brianna, is unbelievable as well. That is your mother and to trLeat her that way Fafter going through a wedding DRIVETHRU IN. VEGAS AND HAVING THE ORDASITY TO TALK TO YOUR MOM THE WAY U did.on national tV with That S---Tamra is beyond believe.. Brianna, you have one mother and she tries to show respect for U, you owe her the same respect. Grow Up. And finally , Alexis and her husband are TRUELY the most normal on this program and her husband did what any descent man would have .in having the conversation with Terry,and t


Go Lexy, you are sexy! Leave those "so called, happy, I have it all RHOC women behind. You are too good for this show!
Heather came on the show to get "seen" to start up her so called actor carreer again, I heard that from a friend of mine she is friends with too. She gave Alexis a hard time about her job on TV with the news, cause she is jealous.............! Her carreer is over and she knows it, that why she changed her name to her husband's name.............and made a party of it......hahahahah - phatetic!!!
Lexy - U GO girl.


Alexis and Jim are THE most normal people on the show! Do not let "the Others" tell you anything different! You have a respectful husband, beautiful children and are beautiful inside and out yourself!
The Others are just jealous cause you got the package deal! Do not get worked up by them - just know jealousy is an evil disease!


Heather and her husband are creeps! Heather, you should put a skirt and high heels on your husband, he probably will look good! Heather pretends like she is not in to the drama but she is the biggest drama queen with her "wife" (husband) in tow! Harsh face - you claim you are 98% real, well....maybe you DO not to get some work done cause you look very scary! Especially those weerd eyes cause the rest of your face does not work, your eyes have to do all the work, same with your buddy Tamara another scarecrow! Eddy think with your brain and get out of Tamara's spell, she will eat you up and spit you out and then find another victum. Think with your brains and not with your d..! A slut in the bedroom is nice but life has a lot more to offer!


I think Tamra has no values at all. she could not survive her previouse marriage because her hasband simon was requesting to a decent woman with values. Your love story with this new man is temporary, because being a lady does not involve only a bedroom.


Sarah apoligized many times over. Mostly being sincere thought. Heather objects. Sarah prettier and real than idiot Heather. She is a good person. Try talking to her Heather , you leave her off the loop so she stands alone with Alexis. Heather you bring them in to tear em up. Im sure you sleep with your eyes wide OPEN. Hey Terry times tough , elective surgery will dissolve. All on crunch mode crisis. BTW Jim , I glad you walked away. Also Alexis . Better leaving and have a quiet evening with each other.


Alexis has moved up in the show. She does it all, Shes strong . Also she was protecting Sarah from 'all sides of attacks' . She should just distance from the 3 stooges. Alexis and Vicki are the only ones respectful. You go girl.


As for Brooks and Vicki. 3 Cheers! They were the only one with Class. Her daughter wants to trip on Brooks cause shes concern of the family fortune. Hey girl you make your own money. keep out of mama's pockets . Vicki is inlove with Brooks. And little tantrum Tamara should pay attention on her own dismile life. I hope Brooks marries Vicki. Of the entire group Brooks and Vicki comes out as a winner. Vicki should shut out her daughter. Speaking of her daughter what the hell was she wearing. A sweater top. She tells her monther to come over here . She just wants shut down Brooks , again to protect the family fortune. THATS NONE OF HER BUSINESS. AGAIN YOU MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY.


Heather is a beaver . Not actually looks like one but acts like one. She gathers cetain twings to build up a river dam. Too much botox will definitely give you a poker face, no wonder she keeps swirling her hands when she speaks. She calls out Alexis and Sarah for an easy target to show the rest that shes an asset to the 'click' circle of HW of OC. Both Terry and Heather feel that they are enttiled to mock people. Calling Alexis phoney. All are invited to a fully mortgaged home to show off her stuff. And its important that Heather needs 'hard assets' status. She reminds me of a nanny cam with her eyes zooming across the room looking for trouble and getting her nose into peoples business. Hey Heather YOUR A JOHNNY COME LATELY.

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