Real Housewives of New Jersey Bring Feud to The View, Conduct Separate Interviews

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Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile of The Real Housewives of New Jersey appeared on The View yesterday. But the castmates did not do so as a group.

Due to what she referred to as "family issues," Giudice refused to conduct her interview alongside Gorgoa and Wakile, telling the co-hosts:

"We have family issues that we need to resolve and I didn't think that today was the appropriate time, you know, in front of an audience and it to be done in just a few minutes."

We gotta give props to the Bravo producers for staging this controversy and finding a way to extend the feud beyond their show. And negative props to The View for allowing itself to be used in such a manner.

Teresa Giudice on The View

Meanwhile, an insider tells The New York Daily News that Gorga "flipped out" when she learned Giudice would not be on stage with her, supposedly telling someone over her cell phone

"Our plan is ruined... we have to come up with another way to take her down.”

From where does this rivalry stem? The show's scripts, of course. But specifically from Giudice saying Gorga was a "gold digger" and would leave her husband for a richer man. Teresa has since apologized for those remarks... on the cover of a supermarket tabloid.

Clarifies a spokesperson for Gorga (yes, Melissa Gorga has a spokesperson): "Any insinuation that  Melissa went on The View to take Teresa down or made a phone call to that effect is absolutely not true. Teresa refused to appear with Melissa and Kathy so the women did two separate segments."

Allow us to speak for anyone with more than three brain cells and a life: WE DON'T CARE.

Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile on The View

Yup. Teresa is a real "Heckle and Jive".
Too funny!


PS - I nearly forgot - - I would not live with a sarcastic, degrading, foul-mouthed man like "Juicy Joe." If she thinks this man is innocent and not cheating on her, she really needs counseling. This man is disgusting and verbally abusive to her. If he talked to me like that he would be nursing a fat lip.


I enjoy watching the RHONJ quite honestly, for the cat fights. Let's be honest, that's why 2/3 of us tune in. Theresa and her antics and dull-headed logic/reasoning skills is pathetic, but makes for good TV. Theresa does need therapy, minus Joe Gorga. If she believes a dab of the idiocy that spews from her mouth, she is in desperate need of something........ I feel bad for her daughters. She has done a lousy job of raising them to be "divas," i.e, spoiled ungreatful brats.


I have had it with Theresa. If Bravo needs to put on a woman who is either losing her mind or the best actress on TV. The effect on her family and friends is horrible. God bless all her little girls.


OMG where do u begin with these people. Theresa is a horrible person. I have never seen anyone act that way in my life. She is a spoiled rotten person. She is ruined! I feel so sorry for her children. Love Love Love Caroline and the rest of the cast. You go girls take Theresa down! L from ATL


I love Teresa and her daughters are adorable, they are so cute and funny. It would be boring if there were not a lot of drama. Don't believe all that is on this show it is for show. GZ


I can't believe that Barbara Walters would lower this show further by putting the New Jersey cast
and their insane feuds on, then allowing Teresa to get away with not appearing with the others.
None of them must watch the show with teresa and joe's insanity.
I can't even look at Teresa any more. Worse, she must have some good PR people because she is
actually selling those cookbooks, even though she can't state one correct sentence.
Enough when a show makes a person angry. I just can't let them actually cause me another negative


Teresa is not a good mother. The example she is setting for her four daughters is not good. The jealously that Teresa has is very obvious as well as her lies. Her makeup is horrible she looks Gothic and her wardrobe is horrible. Hopefully she is either fired from the show or quits because she is showing some clear signs of mental illness.


i so agree beverly, she is what stupid is all about. i thought i would faint when she said to jac, she looked like the princess kate hudson.!! she is what i call so stupid. t.g. well no class at all. she is in a class all her own. stupid. and her husband is with her. anyone that goes to motor vehicle and uses there brothers id, well he should go to jail.!! and teresa doesnt want jail mentioned... haha. she wants everyone to say when joe was away. hope the classeless ass goes to jail.


joy behar also makes me sick.!!! on the view that is. big know it all.

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