President Obama Praises Supreme Court Health Care Ruling; Celebrities Tweet Reactions

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After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on Thursday, the President who fought and sacrificed for the controversial law praised the 5-4 ruling.

While the court placed limitations on Congress' power to regulate commerce and the U.S. government's ability to restrict state funds, the law stood.

The survival of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) - pejoratively or affectionately called Obamacare - signaled a major victory for Barack Obama.

"Today's decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives are more secure because of this law," Obama said in a televised statement.

"I know the debate over this law has been divisive," he added. "It should be pretty clear that I didn't do this because it was good politics."

"I did it because I believe it is good for the country."

Obama encouraged on his Twitter account for Americans to share what the Supreme Court ruling means to them and some celebrities did just that.

Here's a sampling of some stars' reactions ...

Jason Alexander: "I applaud the Supreme Court and congratulate the President today. The bill isn't perfect, we can fix it, but it's the right direction."

Piers Morgan: "Must be a lot of people watching Obama's SCOTUS speech just now, thinking: 'That's why we voted for him.'"

Bette Midler: "Obama Health Care passes! The wing nuts must be boiling!"

Deepak Chopra: "I will be honored to be taxed for compassionate health care."

Sophia Bush: "I am so grateful for the Supreme Court, and I heart Barack Obama so much right now. He cares about us, the average citizens of this country, more than he cares about pleasing all the scared-to-change people in power. That's heroic, admirable, and exactly what we need. F--k yes Mr. President, you are a unicorn." - on a photo of Obama on a unicorn Bush posted.

Holly Robinson Peete: "I run a non profit and talk to real people every day all day. Families cannot afford healthcare."

Seth MacFarlane: "We gotta stop that tycoon from turning our park into a shopping mall."

John Legend: "Supreme Court has me in a good mood right now. America getting closer to universal access to affordable health care. It's about time."

Christina Applegate: "Um, for those who want to move to Canada because of ObamaCare, you may want to look up Canada healthcare on Wikipedia. Just saying'."

Jessica Stroup: "Hey Barack Obama this song's for you now playing My Hero by Foo Fighters."

Star Jones: "I'm waiting for read the actual SCOTUS healthcare ruling…and try to make it 'user friendly' for most of us."

MC Hammer: "Strategy: Positioning this as a threat to lower income majority won't gain any new voters, that card has already been played."

Waka Flocka: "ObamaCare!… just when they started to doubt my man."

Michael Moore: "It's not 'Obamacare' - it's Obama Cares."

Wanda Sykes: "Drama at CNN. I would love to be a fly on Wolf Blizter's beard."


cont...37will open Aug.38 in Dec.We received huge tax breaks and added 45 to our payroll.Republican party has lost momentum.They need to regroup.


. I knew if I kept you talking you would come out and tell me that you were a closed book. This is the playing field..., their are people like you who will look for any reason not to vote republican. Those type of people say the Tea Party is evil and Republicans are Racist. There is a segment of society that finds it necessary to blame. But- that's not your problem, not really. The problem you have is that their is no loyalty among Democrats. You are not passionate about your Leader, not like you were in 2008. He has let you down. All you do is HATE the other side. . THAT IS WHERE YOUR PASSION LIES! YOU DONOT BELEIVE IN OBAMA! YOU- YOU WILL NOT EVEN GO TO THE POLLS IN NOVEMBER. THE THOUGHT OF BEING LET DOWN AGAIN IS TO HARD TO TAKE.


@Hi,Wyatt.My father co-founded the first bank in our county.We have construction co.We also have chain fast food rest.This year,Apr. opened#36 thanks to Obama incentive.


Obama has already hired thousands of IRS MAGGOTS to dig deep into your life, ready to tackle this new mandate! Now the possibilities are endless. This new Med Insurance- I wonder if your overweight, could your insurance be higher? I wonder if your ready for the Government to know that your teenager had a 6 week stay at the " Crystal Meth" Clinic? I wonder if the Food Stamp program will be adjusted to Miss Bama's Health Care kick and Food Stamps can no longer purchase Soda- Cookies etc? Could this possibly conflict with OBAMATAX/OBAMACARE . Muslims will not be required to purchase this HealthCare! Their religion sees insurance as Gambling. You could not make this shit up- so- LOOK IT UP- IT'S THERE!


The more I look at this the more it seems that the Supreme Court is not so Supreme but they did the GOP a huge favor. SC called it a tax and therefore Congress can vote to repeal it. The lovely thing about this is that when they vote the Democrats will go on record as voting to raise YOUR taxes. Kind of makes that election in 2014 a bit more interesting? FYI- the SC didn't say it was a good idea they said it was legal. I realize the Medical Care costs are outrageous and Tattoos, Piercings, Cigarettes, Cell Phones, Lotto tickets and alcohol ain't cheap either yet we still buy them. Insurance does not make a medical costs go down it subsidizes the cost to make it affordable.


Most workers are feed the fish anyhow because they take the ins. their employer provides.My employees take the ins.we offer.


I will not vote for Republican unless they can sell me healthcare bill,an economic plan and education bill.They have not.They have no idea what to do except fight with Obama.


Insurance Compaines do rip off the public as do hospitals ripping off insurance! Wish I had a buck for every time a hospital said its $100 if your paying yourself and $200 if you have insurance. If there was a straight line to fixing healthcare it would be fixed by now. I look at the math. 25 million out of work, if you are unemployed you don't get charged for OBAMAS insurance. Make no mistake, just as the SC said- this is a tax that Obama said he would not do. Healthcare is one of many problems. I believe in teaching a person to fish rather than feeding him fish. Nothing will work without people being employed. Obama will not lift restrictions- Romney will and this is the sole reason I vote Romney. American Compaines can't wait to get back over here because they see that overseas has run its course. Take control of your life or the Government will.


Im asking hispanics vote for Obama.A racist bitch lead me to vote.Its not rite that our kids see us get pulled over for looking brown.makes them feel less american and not good enough.im4th generation


Obamacare prevents ins companies from dropping patients for any illness,pre-existing or arising during coverage.Republicans should embrace the law,format it

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