Pregnant Girl Fight Breaks Out at McDonald's

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McDonald's was the scene of a fight between two pregnant girls in Yonkers, N.Y., this week. Thanks to the Internet and a bystander's iPhone, you can watch!

It's unclear why the dispute broke out, but as far as pregnancy tips go, “hit up McDonald's and throw down with other women late night” is pretty far down the list.

It's also unclear why no one films iPhone videos horizontally with two hands. You could capture so much more of the girl-fighting bedlam that way.

Just a thought. Anyway, check out the fight, marvel at the stupidity of your fellow human beings and feel bad about society but nevertheless amused below:


Those pregnant hoe's just got to have their chicken nuggets!


If we believe in the theory of evolution, then these are the apes that didn't quite make it over the hump. No class. Just all ghetto hood street mentality.


Or both*


I vote for JAIL for these sub-humans. And no one tries to break up the fight? The employees that just stood there and watched should be fired. The guy that taped this is either an idiot, or a brilliant vigilante. Or b


The one girl hits her in the stomach at 0:42 even after she tells them she is pregnant. I am amazed at the amount of people who just stood by and watched. And the young man video taping should be ashamed. He should have helped that poor woman. At least she can use the video as evidence.


They need to throw those skinny skanks in prison for a long time. One of them punched her right in the baby even after she tells them she's pregnant. I'm telling you what...they need to be locked up.

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