Politician Plays "Pick Out the Immigrant" with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

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Are you ready, THG readers, to play everyone's favorite new game: Pick Out the Immigrant... starring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

With most of the political world reacting today to the Supreme Court upholding Barack Obama's healthcare plan, it's worth also noting that Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) took the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday and expressed his disdain for the Arizona immigration policy that, essentially, allows police offers to ask for the identification of any resident, merely based on his/her appearance.

"In Arizona today, all that stands between you and a legal nightmare is whether a police officer feels there is a reasonable suspicion to inquire about your country of origin. Yet, Arizona politicians will tell you with a straight face no less, that they can apply this law without using racial profiling."

Gutierrez then aimed to prove these folks wrong by posting several images of celebrities and asking Congressmen to determine which is the immigrant. Watch for yourself:

"The point is simple," Gutierrez concludes. "The idea that any government official can determine who belongs in America and who doesn't simply by looking at them is completely ridiculous, unfair and un-American ... and yet this absurdity is the law of Arizona."

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Some egyptians,armenians look hispanic so it will be a problem for our people


LeonAlexis, you like his speech & think he's right? The politician who agrees w/ racial profiling? How anyone who isn't either a KKK member or a Republican can support this law is insane. What a HUGE waste of time, & cost taxpayers could spend on something productive...WOW what's this world coming to???????????


Suck...to look hispanic in the AZ.The law basically says all mex-americans are illegal.


Politicans and some wht people have no clue how awful it is to be stereotype,judged or harass because you look certain way,Im born Amer.


1more comment Mexican Americans vary with generations.We dont speak spanish,stereotyping us is cruel,racist&step backward.


I've been pulle over 8x since Feb.Never received ticket,lame excuses why i was stop.I'm 3rd generation American.


Extent politicans will go!We get it AZ will pull mex-americans over because they look like Mexicans from Mexico.Werid.@


I like his speech and I think he's right!


Seriously? A law based on racial profiling? So much for the Constitution , huh?

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