Paris Jackson Posts Michael Jackson-Debbie Rowe Photo, Pays Tribute to Late Father

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On the third anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, his daughter Paris is still mourning his loss, while remembering all the good times she had with him.

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    ...tu vas surement pouvoir nous faire une traduction avec tes remix de la langue de molière :D et je t'ai répondu parceque aider les cas sociaux d' illetrisme en France m'interessent encore plus que me cyber disputer avec les "MJ haters" LOL mon commentaire a tenu sur trois page LMAO


    ces enfant sont stupid il se prend pour qu'elle qu'un quel ne pas ce pitoiyable les gent qui sont encore stupid vous avez le mot jalouse jalouse mais jalouse de quoi des enfant blanc qui on un pere biologique homosexuel prince et paris vont jamais dire la veriter sur leur vrait pere biologique parce que il et homosexuel laide et gros et prince lui resemble beaucoup alors arreter de dire quond et jaloux parce que nous on dit que la veriter ci mj etait encore la il serait obliger de dire la veriter sur ces enfant moi j'aimerait bien voir prince paris danser et chanter il profite mais il =s n'ont aucun talent parce que ces sont des enfant adopter et leur vrait parent son debbie rowe et arnold klein le pere biologique de blanket et matt fiddes il suffit de faire un test adn pour le prouver mais eux il ne veut pas faire ce test parce que ils savent que mj ne pas leur pere biologique et quand ils auront l'argent ils vont aller dans leur famille biologique pour bien en profiter


    I was in Paris for a week last summer and I do not speak French. The only two words that I used in French were Bonjour and mercy and that was enugoh. I visited major turisty Paris attractions, ordered food in restaurants without any communication problems. No one treated me as ugly american . Though, I still have a Russian accent:-) The only problem during the whole trip I encountered was finding luggage lockers in Paris Train Station before going for 2 days to Brussels. I spent 45 min asking and searching and finally gave up and locked my luggage when I came to Brussel Train station.


    The Jackson's ha e some serious issues...1)God intended for children to be raised by BOTH parents! 2)I Strongly believe Blanket is Arnold Klein son... NO ONE IS STUPID....Both have lazy eyes 3) Rowe is Paris mom....They look just alike.... 4)dysfunctional family....Rowe and Klein, both of you are pathetic...To give birth to children and them you decline rights to them....FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY...5) These kids will be confused about life if someone does not step in and do the RIGHT thing by them.....GOD IS NOT PLEASED BY THIS NONSENSE...Lord, please lead and guide these children and let Rowe and Klein do the right thing and be the parents and repent

    @ Dominga

    Not gonna happen. The kids know who their real parents are, at least the two oldest do. But they will follow the money like everybody else does. It's the little one my heart breaks for.


    Debbie, you just gotta step up for your kids!!!!


    In my opinion you are à dirty and even RETARD person
    Et pour quelqe'un quo ecrit des choses degoutante comme vous avez fait, la meme chose et en plus, je ne vais pas employer le mot " vous" maïs le ordinataire "tu" est une personne jalousse, rempli d'envie de jaloussie, t'est vraiment une personne triste et ridicule, et probablement tu n'arrive pas à avoir quelque chose dans la vie, à cause de ta mentalite


    prince et paris sont pas les enfant biologique de michael ces enfant font que de mentir sur leur paterniter ils n'ont perdut aucun parent biologique le pere de prince et arnold klein et le pere de paris et mark lester ok ces enfant en profite bien surtout paris que de bande de profiter pourquoi ils ne cherche pas leur parent biologique a oui ce vrait 33 millions se ce trouve pas partout retourner dans votre famille biologique


    This picture/caption is so sweet! Paris is such a nice girl, as well as her brothers. Funny, I'm saying this about a girl who's the same age as me :)

    And jawny, shut your mouth. You are so negative. I wonder how you get through life. Take a look at the positive side. I'm not going to stopp to your immature level by cursing you out or making remarks. Just do us all a favor and chill.


    Lovely, precious young lady with the grace and class of her father. Mike is a loving, kind, gentle soul and he raised his babies, which are his babies, to be the same. Ignore the jellous haters. Michael is about love, peace and kindness. His children will do great things as he did, because he taught them kindness, dignity, and L.O.V.E. Love lives forever and my love for Mike, Prince, Paris and B will never ever go away. Paris, be the lady you are, and remembering hurting hearts say hurtful words but they can only upset you if you let them.


    Hey Pedophile-Jawny, I thought this was about Paris Jackson's tribute to her father, not about your sick, twisted mind. Go find someone your own age, and leave the poor litle boys alone.

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