Paris Jackson on Wearing Masks as a Kid: Weird!

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The strangeness of wearing masks all the time as a child is not lost on Michael Jackson's daughter Paris, though she respects his reasoning behind it.

It was one of the most enduring images from Michael's bizarre life - stepping out with his kids hidden behind masks - at the time and to this day.

Paris Jackson, 14, tells Oprah Winfrey she was as perplexed as anyone.

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"I was really confused," Paris admits in an interview to air Sunday. "I didn't get why I was always wearing a mask. But I understand it now."

"The reason why my dad would want our faces to be covered ... it was so when we went out without him we wouldn't be recognized."

Thanks to her late father's efforts, she says, "We had a normal childhood," including trips to the mall, the arcade and Chuck E. Cheese's.

"He told us that he didn't really have a childhood," says Paris. "He would always be stuck in the studio singing while the kids were out playing."

"Really, he just wanted us to have that. "

One thing's for sure, the King of Pop really knew what he was doing in the child-rearing department. Paris, Prince and Blanket all seem like remarkably normal, respectful and well-adjusted young people. Respect.



Respect. You really nailed the ending of this informative article


does it really matter weather they are full blood siblings, half sibling, step, adoptive, or not related at all? They were all raised by the same father, who loved them dearly. These 3 went thru a major heartbreak and have adjusted well. I applaud MJs family for this adjustment


Paris means her STEPfather, Prince is her half brother,they have the same mother, Blanket isn't related at all.


@Terri, it saddens me to hear you call MJ a molester. Micheal may have been weird and sleep nude next to kids but never with him. Micheal was being a little boy with no hanky panky envolved. Sadd that the destroyed his charecter. Go listen to they don't care about us and really listen to the lyrics.
When the media tells you how to think, you are lost to civilization and life.


Strange for who? maybe for YOUR OWN children, I'll tell you.. nobody cares about you little assholes!


Im sorry, but making ur kids wear masks is STRANGE. He was a disfunctional child molester. Time will tell if the kids turn out weird.


Are these kids supposed to be his biological children? Is Debbie Rowe the mother to all of them? Always wondered. Paris is a stunningly beautiful little girl.


I think Michael did an amazing job trying to give his kids as normal a life as possible while he was here on earth. In a new clip released, Paris talks about how she and Blanket are very close now, that they have a lot in common. I think it's wonderful that Michael's kids are such a tight-knit unit. Lovely kids. Michael would be proud of them.


as off the wall as it seams, his reasoning made sense. How many times are celebrity children hounded by photographers, fans, and what not? Reguardless of his allegations, weird behavior, and everything he really did love and worshiped his children!

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