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Ann Curry is ready to say goodbye.

With the rumors of this Today Show co-host's departure growing stronger by the second, Curry came out yesterday and acknowledged them herself, admitting her run is over and making it sound as if the announcement will be made this morning. And it won't be easy.

Ann Curry on The Today Show

It's "going to be a bit of a tough day," Curry told USA Today in a phone interview. "I'm going to have to tell our viewers. That's what makes me more emotional than anything. I don't want to leave them. I love them. And I will really miss them."

Curry added that she isn't sure who first leaked the story of her firing and she feels like she could have benefited from more time to work out the "kinks" in the broadcast after just a year behind the desk.

"I know I am not to blame for the ratings worries. And my bosses have said to me there are many factors involved. There is no doubt that the rating wars have become meaner and less focused on our responsibilities as journalists... And the show is still number-one in terms of ratings."

Curry is expected to be named Today Show anchor-at-large and NBC News national/international correspondent. Savannah Guthrie will likely take her anchoring post.

Are you happy to see Curry go?


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After she famously underwent 10 procedures in one day, Heidi Montag went on to become the poster child for terrifying, almost laughably bad plastic surgery.

At least she realizes that now. She says she regrets it every day.

“Getting lipo is my biggest regret,” Heidi told In Touch of her least favorite among dozens of body-contouring procedures. “I can’t believe I did this to myself.”

  • Heidi Montag, Breasts
  • GG-iant Boobs
  • Gaunt and Plastic

While Heidi, 25, has worked hard to lessen the dimpling with a strict diet and exercise regimen ... the Heidi Montag pictures above tell you all you need to know.

“I’m so insecure,” the wife of Spencer Pratt (they're still married) says.

Heidi also strongly discourages anyone from going down that road. “Try to lose weight and eat healthily,” she says. “It’s less painful, cheaper and more beneficial.”

Exhibit A: The Hills cast photo below. Look at Heidi's real face and body!

The Hills Cast

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Did your favorite make the cut?

So You Think You Can Dance whittled its Season 9 contestants down to the top 20 last night, preparing viewers for the show's first live performance episode on Wednesday, July 11.

So You Think You Can Dance Finalists

Here is a look at the top 10 females:

Alexa Anderson
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Age: 19
Dance Specialty: Contemporary

Lindsay Arnold
Hometown: Provo, UT
Age: 18
Dance Specialty: Latin Ballroom

Witney Carson
Hometown: American Fork, UT
Age: 18
Dance Specialty: Latin Ballroom

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A new trailer for Total Recall is out, and director Len Wiseman's remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger hit looks like a non-stop adrenaline rush.

Starring Colin Ferrell and Kate Beckinsale, the film features a lot of memory loss, confusing over what is real, and stuff being blown up ... awesome.

Set in a different era with advanced technology (and women with three breasts), Recall also features Jessica Biel, who dukes it out with Beckinsale.

The film arrives August 3. Watch the new Total Recall trailer below:

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Don Grady, who was one of television's most beloved big brothers as Robbie Douglas on the long-running 1960s hit My Three Sons, died Wednesday.

He was 68.

His My Three Sons co-star Barry Livingston, who played youngest brother Ernie, confirmed Grady's death to The Associated Press late Wednesday.

Don Grady Pic

Livingston said Grady suffered from cancer and received hospice care at his home in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The exact cause of death is unknown.

"It's the oldest cliche in the world when TV brothers refer to each other like biological brothers, but he was the oldest, and somebody I looked up to and learned from a great deal about life," Livingston said of his late co-star.

Born in San Diego as Don Louis Agrati, young Don Grady had a brief stint singing and dancing on The Mickey Mouse Club starting at age 13.

But he was best known by far as one of Fred MacMurray's My Three Sons on the series that ran on ABC and later CBS from 1960-1972.

The popular show was among the longest running sitcoms of all time with 380 episodes.

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The Food and Drug Administration has approved the anti-obesity pill Belviq, the first such prescription drug for long-term weight loss to be approved in years.

Despite only achieving relatively modest weight loss in clinical studies, the drug appeared safe enough to win the FDA's endorsement, according to reports.

The agency cleared the pill Wednesday for adults who are obese or are overweight with at least one medical complication, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Weight Loss

The FDA denied approval for Arena Pharmaceuticals' drug in 2010 after scientists raised concerns about tumors that developed in animals studied with the drug.

The company resubmitted the drug with additional data earlier this year, and the FDA said there was little risk of tumors in humans, so it got the nod.

With U.S. obesity rates nearing 35 percent of the adult population, many doctors have called on the FDA to approve new weight loss medication ASAP.

But a long line of prescription weight loss offerings have been associated with safety problems, including those linked to problems like heart valve damage.

In a rare move, the FDA explicitly stated in a press release that Belviq "does not appear to activate" a chemical pathway that was linked to heart problems.

The FDA says the drug acts on a different chemical pathway in the brain, which is believed to reduce appetite by boosting feelings of satiety and fullness.

Belviq is one of three experimental weight-loss drugs whose developers have been trying again to win approval, after the FDA nixed them in 2010-2011.

No word if Kim Kardashian is eyeing a Belviq endorsement deal.

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Playing dress-up takes on new meaning when your mom is Madonna.

Her eldest child Lourdes Leon, 15, had some fun backstage at mom's MDNA tour wearing the Material Girl's cone bra! Lourdes and Madonna's Material Girl clothing line tweeted a photo of "Lola backstage at MDNA!" Wednesday.

Check out mother and daughter in the infamous garb:

Madonna and Lourdes

While Lourdes is well on her way toward adulthood, and the above photo is harmless, the singer has expressed concerned that she's growing up too fast.

Lola was recently seen in some revealing bikini photos, and more scandalously, was also caught puffing on a cigarette in the streets of New York City.

"Cigarette smoking I'm not very fond of, for anyone. I don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter," Madonna told NBC.

What do you think of the cone bra pic? Too much?

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Bad news for fans of artists who like to urinate on teenage girls R. Kelly: the musician has been forced to cancel a number of appearances this week due to what his rep is describing as a "health emergency."

The artist was scheduled to appear at a book launch in New York City tonight, but has been "sidelined in Chicago," according to an insider who tells TMZ:

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

Kelly has also backed out of a performance on Jimmy Fallon and on The Today Show, with his camp telling the site:

"Initial indications are that he is suffering from complications from surgery he had last year to treat an abscess on his vocal cords... It is unclear how long Kelly may be sidelined."

We wish the controversial singer a full recovery. We guess.

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George Zimmerman failed to identify himself twice and missed opportunities to defuse a confrontation with Trayvon Martin, a detective says in a newly released report.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, is charged with second-degree murder in the February 26 shooting death of Martin, 17, in Sanford, Florida.

The report, which Florida prosecutors released Tuesday, includes a video of Zimmerman showing injuries he said he suffered in the altercation with Martin.

  • George Zimmerman Mugshot
  • Trayvon Martin, Hoodie

Zimmerman, 28, told police he shot the teen in self-defense, but many feel he racially profiled Martin and ignored a 911 dispatcher's advice not to follow him.

Among the documents released was a report from a police officer who conducted computerized voice stress analysis tests on Zimmerman following the incident.

"Mr. Zimmerman was subjected to two exams, and was found to be classified as No Deception Indicated," the report said.

Also released was an unredacted capias request, a request that someone be taken into custody, prepared by the lead police investigator in the case.

Christopher Serino wrote in the report:

"Investigative findings show that (Zimmerman) had at least two opportunities to speak with (Martin) in order to defuse the circumstances surrounding their encounter."

"On at least two occasions (Zimmerman) failed to identify himself as a concerned resident or a neighborhood watch volunteer."

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Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Skarsyna!

According to Life & Style, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard and Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna are totally getting it on because... come on, look at them. Of course they are!

  • Alexander Skarsgard at True Blood Premiere
  • Anne Vyalitsyna Pic

"They got together about a month ago in NYC and are still hooking up," an insider tells the tabloid of Alexander and Anne.

"She's been telling all her friends about him!"

Skarsgard has been linked with Kate Bosworth in the past, while Vyalitsyna recently split with Adam Levine.

These two would make ridiculously attractive babies.


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