Oprah Winfrey "Leveled" by Kim Kardashian Interview, Response

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So it's come down to this for Oprah Winfrey:

In a shallow, transparent attempt yet to save her dying network, the talk show queen has posted a message on her Facebook page that makes her upcoming interview with Kim Kardashian and kompany sound like the event of the century.

"I had the longest interviewing session I can ever recall, talking to ALLLLLLLL the Kardashians," Oprah wrote. "I had never met them, nor seen the show. I did a full on Kardashian Kram in preparation, watching major shows from every season.

"I genuinely wanted to know why they have become a cultural phenomenon? Why do so many people love to watch their every move and why do so many others love to hate them. Are they completely ego centered? Are they really "famous for being famous" or is there something more?"

Oprah and the Kardashians

And what did Winfrey discover? You'll need to tune in to OWN Sunday night to find out, of course, but she says she asked Kim about her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries and...

"Her answer leveled me."

What is your reaction to Oprah interviewing the Kardashians?



Wv peach

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah.......my how the mighty have fallen.


Wow,Oprah has his rock bottom. So sad. Interviewing the kartrashian's in desperation. Do not support or watch trash.


Mboomer I couldn't have said it better.


Why would Oprah want to interview a family she has never met or seen their show? Why?? This doesn't make sense. Oprah use to know something about her guests which is the reason she would have them on her TV show before she moved to OWN. I have read OWN's ratings are in the dumps and it was probably highly suggested to have the Kardashians on to help ratings. I have no plans on watching this nonsense.


I cannot believe that oprah would do such an interview. The kartrashians represent what is wrong with America...making big money via bad behavior ie sex tape in which she get pissed on, playboy cover and other naked covers, not to mention all the porny looking tweets and instagrams. They are an abomination and very bad/dangerous role models for young naive women that may think to do a sex tape and be famous, have a reality show and make money instead of getting an education. I do not hate them I just
Dislike them because of what they represent, also they are far too much in your face creating all kind of fake situations to stay on the news. Mb

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