Oprah to Interview The Kardashians, Mayans Commence Celebration

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Well, this sucks. The Mayans were clearly right.

In the most obvious sign yet that the world will end some time this calendar year, television goddess Oprah Winfrey has lined up her next interview - and it's with every member of the Kardashian family.

Desperate to improve ratings for her floundering network, Oprah has recently sat down with Paris Jackson and 50 Cent, but at least the former is the child of an icon and the latter was shot a bunch of times.

Neither is famous for letting Ray J tap her large backside on video camera. For shame, O Dubs. For shame...

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You can't jugde people by mere lookn at them.people got to speak out for u to know d reason why they are acting d way dey do.keep it up oprah, nice work


I can't stand this whore family. I have lost some respect for Oprah. Why doesn't she just quit and stop the endless humiliation that she's been enduring. I actually watched the 50 cent interview and I cringed the entire time ! I most certainly will NOT be watching the Kartrashians interview. And to the Kartrashians fans go fist your dad you low self esteem, worthless, pathetic, useless losers.


Looks like Oprah has turned into a Jerry Springer wannabe.


You'all need to calm down. Oprah has interviewed loads of people with controversial issues (octomum anyone?) personal feelings aside, the Kardashians are news n interview worthy in so many ways. I'll personally watch it. Free world n all.


Oprah interviewing those Kar-Trash-Ians??? I am so surprised...NOT!!!!! Oprah is a in-your-face and media-hungry HOG who will do ANYTHING for ratings!!!!! And I agree with Jinko...Oprah needs to RETIRE!!!!!! Case closed.


Maria you are wrong I do not hate someone I do no know personally. Like snicker I do not support absolute trash. Just remember that kk made a sex tape in which the guy pissed on her!! What kind of role model is she.
No hate just saying...... America as better young ladies than her much better such as Chelsey Clinton, ivanka trump...no sex tape, educated and hard working,- no trashy reality show, no playboy pics, no pics in trashy mags, no whatever they call hard work is totally different for them as it is for the everyday girl.


I don't hate, I just don't watch or support trash.


Oprah just keeps sinking lower and lower, and is close to hitting bottom. She needs to take her billion dollars, retire, lose weight, and enjoy the balance of her life.


I beg to differ thats exactly what Opera SHOW needed to give her TV show a boost...Love those Kardashians they have everything going for them including the HATERS that keep them IMPORTANT like LEA and mboomer and snicker


How many teens watch oprah. She has sunk to a new low interviewing any kartrashian. I would never watch!! How desperate she must be. Just like kim.