Octomom Cancels Strip Club Gig Amid Trash Talk From Employees

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Seductive as Octomom's porn star makeover might have made her, the mother of 14 will not be coming to the stage of a Florida strip joint after all.

Nadya Suleman is reportedly canceling her scheduled stripper gig because she thinks club staffers are talking smack about her, according to TMZ.

Octo was set to get topless at T's Lounge in Palm Beach, Fla., next month, but her rep, Gina Rodriguez, says she pulled out of the deal this week.

Right in the Nads

Rodriguez says the final straw came in the form of a local news interview.

Not with Octo herself, but with a club bartender discussing her stripper gig and saying she has "a lot of mouths to feed so it was only a matter of time" before she got naked.

"She must be a little crazy, normal people don't have that many children."

The guy's not wrong - she had six kids before she got pregnant with the eight that made her Octomom - but Nadya did not take kindly to the remark and pulled out.

If only the IVF specialist had done so three years ago ...

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Octomom Nadya Suleman Cancels Strip Club after Talk Trash from Employees Video HERE http://is.gd/WeuTLt


Gee...those Florida strip club employees talking TRUE shit and all about that STANK-ASS Octo-Moron...YA THINK????? HELL YEAH!!!!! Good for them. I don't think that anyone wants to see that nutso Nadya bumping and grinding on a stage. G-R-O-S-S!!!!!


Good thing she did,she has to set an example to those kids.I say better late than never.


Good thing she did,she has to set by setting an example to those kids.I say better late than never.


who the fuck r u to say if only they pukked out 3 years ago that is down right ignorant how about ur mother should have swalloed u those babies r here for a reason bc god wanted them here fuck hollywood gossip always putting somebody smfh


If only Kardashians took some of the insults thrown to them to the heart and left the limelight, that'd have been great.. But alas.. They are a lot more thick skinned.. Lol..


Insulted by that? Pooh, there are much worse insults out there, besides it's true.
Just another of Octo's grandiose stunts to get publicity.
Way past time to fling her onto the garbage dump of obscurity.