Octomom Bikini Photos: Hot or Not?!

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As the Nadya Suleman whirlwind media tour continues today with a bunch of photos of her in a pink bikini on a Miami beach, two things are apparent:

  1. Frankie Grageda is one lucky (or unlucky, depending on your taste) man
  2. The pics may be even more desperate than the Octomom porn trailer

Yeah. It's hard to look sexy when you're only doing this to support the 14 kids you had without even having sex and can't provide for, but she tries.

Nadya Suleman Cleavage

Yeah. Kate Upton bikini photos, these are not. To say the least.

Try as she might to show off her toned physique and make us forget what a destitute, attention-seeking, clueless, taxpayer-gouging human she is, it's not cutting it.

Or is it? You tell us! Click to enlarge more hot (or not) Octomom bikini pictures below and share your commentary on them in the comment section:

Octomom Nadya Suleman Bikini Pic
Nadya Suleman Bikini Photo
Nadya Suleman Cleavage
Nadya Suleman Got BACK!
Octomom Bikini Photo

Octomom: Would you hit it?

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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She is really Gross, Yuck


So sad the choices she made.........


It is attractive to consider bikini show charms and I myself adore Afattaah that wear bikinis because it is sharing a Anosh girl I'm from Egypt and I love Afattaah foreigners do not like Afattaah Arabs as foreigners in Tabahm affection and love and no one is proud, the one as I want to identify the girl as Elly in the picture mail is my(( reda6641@yahoo.com))Waiting for messaging, or want of charity or marriage


Her face. Not good.


SEE Octomom Hot Pink Bikini Pictures, Photo-shoot in June 2012 http://get.cc/c8h


she's hot and sexy even know she has 14 kids
I admirred her,but iam not a fan


NOT hot! I agree with ewwwwww. Even with all the photoshopping & surgeries,all I see is nothing but an oversized swimsuit with black ooze. She's hideous inside & out & those kids deserve more than her.


That bitch needs to be taking care of her billion kids


umm...that's all fake...lipo, boobs, tummy tuck, spray tan


She is Hot! i had threee kids all 2 years apart and i could never get my body to look like that. She looks great and is a role model to all moms out there who want to loose the pregnancy fat!

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Nadya Suleman Got BACK! Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
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