OctoLoan: Nadya Suleman Pitching Payday Loan Service!

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Somewhat fittingly and ironically at the same time, the insolvent Nadya Suleman has inked a deal to endorse a service offering high-interest cash loans.

Often called payday loans, 'cause they get you through 'til your next paycheck, after which you pay it back (with massive fees), the products are banned in some states.

Why? The fast infusions of cash are marketed toward financially desperate people, offering access to $1,000 instantly! NO credit checks or faxing required!


Octomom AND borderline criminal interest rates? Where do we sign up!

Now, just one day after exposing us to the Octomom porn trailer for her upcoming film, subtitled Home Alone, she's ready to introduce us to ... OctoLoan!

Slogan: When you're financially alone ... OctoLoan. Effing genius.

The company, which connects financially troubled consumers to shady lenders looking to exploit them with interest rates as high as 600%, is paying Nadya Suleman more than $10,000 to be the face of their brand in an advertising campaign.

Octo just shot a commercial for the company this week.

For a woman with zero common sense/cents - she had eight more kids while already struggling to support six with no job or partner - it's a match made in heaven.

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Enough white trash on welfare too


Hey graceperiod. Shut the fuck up. Mm kay?