Nicki Minaj Pushes for FREE Universal Health Care

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Yvette Wilson passed away from cancer a few days ago, and while the actress' death has left Nicki Minaj in tears, it's also left her irate. At the American health care system.

In a series of Tweets posted not long after Wilson died, Minaj went off on current policy and even addressed President Barack Obama at one point.

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“What’s sad is that when Yvette was bringing home the bacon, the gov’t was probably taking millions.On her deathbed though, #Nowheretobefound," Nicki wrote. "That should be a God given right! Even with Obama Care, too much involved. Just give FREE health care to all. @barackobama What can we do?

"@BarackObama I wouldn’t mind the millions they took if it was going to healthcare. Why should a poor person struggle to pay for MEDS sir?"

The President, of course, is too busy helping Amanda Bynes avoid a DUI charge, but Member Questo of The Roots replied to Minaj's Tweets with one of his own:

“@NICKIMINAJ i personally know that the white house administration would LOVE for you to use ur tweet power to raise health care awareness."

Are you in favor of universal health care, readers?

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In cali we have to pay for car ins. or else,but fuck health ins.i say make every company offer it to all workers even pt.


@amy.I would be devastated and stress to have kids in college without ins.Canadians like Obama from what i gather.


hopefully my grandkids will endure a better congress and affordable ins. and im glad they got ins til26yrs of age.we love our family




I agree, it's likely congress really does not care about people. Honestly I don't believe ANY of them do. They mostly come from privilege and certainly do not represent the average person. It's sad that in order to run for office, you kinda need to be well-off to do it in the first place. I vote for a clean slate. Get rid of all of them.


congress doesnt care bout all citizens only epec. the poor.good thing that Obama did was allow kids to stay on parents ins age26.and


@eugene,Hillary&Bill have tried to do the universal thng here but our congress tends to not care for those unisured and Obama means well but


no deductibles meds are covered by public funds drug prices are cheap due to fed. gov.control cost and negotiated set cost w works our gov cares of all its citizen


Here in Canada revenues go directly to care.No billing no claims handled ins against provincial insurer among province and


TrueJae,but it would b nice to make all co. mandatory to offer med.benefits to all workers.I dont mind reduction to b out of my check.

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