Nicki Minaj Pushes for FREE Universal Health Care

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Yvette Wilson passed away from cancer a few days ago, and while the actress' death has left Nicki Minaj in tears, it's also left her irate. At the American health care system.

In a series of Tweets posted not long after Wilson died, Minaj went off on current policy and even addressed President Barack Obama at one point.

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“What’s sad is that when Yvette was bringing home the bacon, the gov’t was probably taking millions.On her deathbed though, #Nowheretobefound," Nicki wrote. "That should be a God given right! Even with Obama Care, too much involved. Just give FREE health care to all. @barackobama What can we do?

"@BarackObama I wouldn’t mind the millions they took if it was going to healthcare. Why should a poor person struggle to pay for MEDS sir?"

The President, of course, is too busy helping Amanda Bynes avoid a DUI charge, but Member Questo of The Roots replied to Minaj's Tweets with one of his own:

“@NICKIMINAJ i personally know that the white house administration would LOVE for you to use ur tweet power to raise health care awareness."

Are you in favor of universal health care, readers?

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I am sorry, it includes doc visit, all bloodwork,x-ray exams and all medication $3 for up to a year.


There is a program which you need to be citizen and earn less than 15thousand and you can see doctor for $25,here in IE.


Hi Amy.We have kaiser.No, neither my mom or her husband take medication. My mom said her prems start skyrocketing@2006.


@Heather do u have insurance?@Tiffani who is your provider?Your mom's is high.Is she on meds?


Hey how r u?I have ppo blue shield prems are $55 biweekly for myself.Co-pay is $20.


My mom who is 62 gets 415.oo deducted bi-weekly from her paycheck,for her and her husband 66.Its insane.


For medical insurance our family pays 345.00 bi-weekly HMO.Coverage is for my son,husband and I.Whos your ins co mark?


Is she planning to pay for it? Yes people need insurance and dr and meds prices are insane, but the money has to come from somewhere. With the counrty in debt over our heads and spending out of control, how will it be paid for? Look at all the illegal aliens on medical assistance that drain the system. Sorry but thats our tax dollars and if people try to get help, they are told they make too much. But illegals can get med asst no problem? Yeah thats fair to our own people who are sick and dying


gee...That is cheap. I pay two hundred thirty five a month. I have HMO.


As for me, i have PPO.Deduct $45.79 bi-weekly from my check. I do think every employee should be entitle for ins

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