Myla Sinanaj Tweets Love for Kim Kardashian, Fear of Bruce Jenner

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Myla Sinanaj may be dating Kris Humphries, but that doesn't mean the busty brunette has a problem with Kim Kardashian.

With news breaking that this five-star hotel employee is actually the rebound for the New Jersey Nets' rebounding machine, an investigation of her recent Twitter posts has revealed the following:

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Poor Kris

She fears Bruce Jenner: "Bruce Jenner's face scares me- it should be on the 'Why not to get plastic surgery' poster," Myla wrote a couple weeks ago.

She does not fear Kanye West: In response to the rapper's "Theraflu" - where he first expressed love for Kim and also threatened Humphries' NBA job - Myla Tweeted: West should be "bigger than taking petty shots at sh*t that got nothing to do with him. Lost respect."

She finds Kim Kardashian attractive: Posting pics of her man's ex, Myla simply said Kim "looks like JLo."

Of course, that could also just be a compliment to herself. Because it's rather clear that Kris has a certain type.


This girl really os fuckin dumb! Does she not gt kim k doesnt give a rats ass about her.... Why the hell does she wanna throw humphries under the bus... Just bc he doesnt want to make u his girl in public! Girl aint cute! But i also dont think its wrong for kris to move on so fast bc kim did ( past tense ) break his heart why not try and move ona!


She will never be as beautiful as Kim. To me in the show's kris acted like a big a** kid.


Cheap and low shot from this person to Bruce Jenner. Jenner has already admitted publicly that the work was unsuccessful - let's just leave it at that.


Famewhore 2.0 - Dump her, Kris.


But I agree with you jessika.. she does kinda look like Kim so yeah its kind of obvious why Kris is dating her.


Well I think she is prettier than Kim, they should put a picture of her and then Kim next to each other so we can vote whose prettiest lol.!.!.


Seems like she just want to get famous off Kim. She obviously is an "HATER" & a look alike. Maybe that's why Kris picked you...LMFAO!!! You can never be like Kim as much as you like to pose in pictures like her ENVY IS A BIA.

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I'm already tired of hearing about Michael sam's lust for dick.