Miley Cyrus Wedding: Not Going Down This Weekend

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Miley Cyrus loves being a fiancee. But she isn't ready to be a bride just yet, despite a mysterious Tweet posted over the weekend.

"Super lazy Sunday!" the star wrote yesterday, adding: "Can't wait for next week! It'll be filled with happiness."

Naturally, such enthusiasm led many to believe that Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were planning to tie the knot in just a few days, but the actor's rep has come out and shot down that notion.

Miley Cyrus, Puppy

Liam is filming a movie in New York and will only be "back in LA for a night next week to receive an award from Australians in Film on the 27th," the Hemsworth insider told Gossip Cop.

Still, she may not be walking down any aisles too soon, but Miley sounds on top of the world these days. She also Tweeted yesterday:

"Life is to short, stop compromising your happiness. Happiness is a right, a privilege that you deserve."

We're pretty sure rights and privileges are completely opposing concepts, but let's not nit-pick. Keep smiling, Miles!

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I am 32 and I have been married for 5 years now. WhY THE HELL WOULD I BE JEALOUS OF SOMEONE WHO BASICALLY ISNT THINKING RATIONAL. All she talks about is marriage. She must be obessed over something that doesnt really matter. plus I think she is gonnna go crazy. watch!!!!!! and for the record I have 2 daughters and 4 sons. I am not jelaous


Yep were not jealous. Were disgusted. do i make myself clear. MILEY SHOULD RUN IN FRONT OF A TRAIN. Nice and quick.


WERE MOST CERTINALLY NOT JEALOUS. AND WE DONT CARE ABOUT MILEY. WHO IS SHE ANYWAY QUEEN OF ENGLAND. Ohhh and I dont understand why people would defend someone like that. Her father is handsome. What happened????????????????????????????????????? :P


To the chick under me....ookkay


You guys are all whack. Miley is beautiful and you guys are just jealous because she was one of the richest teens in the world. Also, her fiancé is very handsome! You guys are just mad because she isn't letting all your jealous black hearts get to her. So, haha, you guys just wish you were her! Beautiful! Rich! Handsome Man! Like they say, "Haters gonna hate!"


i think they had a sex
so there is no way to run from this thing
and i think miley is a PREGNANT ...
So her parents think to do engagement of miley
think again...she is 19 year old ONLY




I feel so lonely. lieam stays out late and leaves me with the dogs!!!!! Baaaaa


Marlo you make a very wise point. She has alot of money being in Hollywood, why cant she make herself up? She look's like a mess from hell. She probally doesnt bathe either. Dumb bitch.


she is famous in hollywood. she can help her looks. why cant she act rich and not tralier trash. 100% trash!!!!!