Miley Cyrus Tattoo Man: 15 and Counting!

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Think you're the biggest Miley Cyrus fan on the planet? We hate to break the news to you, but: You are not.

A man who goes by the Twitter handle "MileyCyrusCarl" has 15 tattoos across his body of either Miley's face, her name or various song lyrics from her catalog. This is what we call dedication... or many other terms that aren't fit to print on a family website.

See for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus Tattoos
  • Miley Cyrus Fan

Carl's idol has 14 tattoos herself, including: Roman Numerals on her elbow; the words "Just Breathe" on her chest; and an Equals sign around her finger that shows her support for gay rights.

We're guessing Carl will never meet Miley, but you know what she says: it's all about the climb. Keep going, buddy.

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If I were Miley Cyrus, I'd be freaked out about this guy. What a weirdo!

Avatar that's is taking it to far! Creepy!!!!


Most fans plaster thier walls with there favorite celebs faces....NOT thier body!! this guy is beyond obsessed!


He needs help. These aren't fan letters. He's marked himself for life and seems to think she'll acknowledge his efforts (at the very least). What about in 10, 20 years? Even if he could hide the tattoos, his face is known through the articles. His dating life, if it ever existed, is over. Poor guy. More to be pitied than censored.


that's creepy but who wants to ruin there body with her on it i wouldn't wast one bit of ink for her ugly face


now thats...... creepy REALLY


that guy is wierd, scarry, and not all right in his mind.
he will never meet her and if he would have the chance, Miley would think no way, to strange and wierd. Stalker. Miley is beautiful and talented and smart. and way out of this wierdo's league. yucky


WOW! That man is so weird ! miley won't marry him anyway


This is just sad. Creepy. Wierd. Scary and all of the above! Okay he has her face tatted on him and every thing! Srry but if he takes interest in a 20 year old he should be classified as a sex offender ASAP! But yhu know, people do it all the time! (Not that overboard) but people get stuff like: OVOXO, CHRIS BROWN, TEAM BREEZY, YMCMB ect. #its crazy!


No offense, but I think we can all agree this guy is a stalker.