Miley Cyrus Takes Anti-Homophobia Stance on Twitter

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One of Hollywood's most outspoken supporters of gay marriage and LGBT equality, Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter to once again stand up for this important cause.

Cyrus - who actually wrote an editorial on the issue and also has a tattoo that expresses her beliefs - posted a photo on the social network yesterday that includes a close-up of her "favorite accessory of the day."

Along with this button, Miley included the hashtag #stopspreadinhate.

Miley Tweet Photo

Love Miley or hate Miley - and THG has certainly taken issue with some of her wardrobe choices and transparent attempts to break free from her Hannah Montana persona - you've gotta admire a celebrity for taking a controversial stand.

Cyrus also did so last month when she said parents ought to talk to their kids about sex.

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Miley really called herself a christion?
I'm a muslim and I think when you love God,you can't love Satan!
But miley always says love all people!!!
She said ''do not judge them!
Ok then!
I wanna walk in the street and kill people,you should not judge!!!


God didn't create gay people. He created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. He gave us free will which gives us the choice to do what we want. God condemns homosexuality and I can't believe that you call yourselves Christians when he condemns this sinful act. I think you need to start reading your Bibles. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Leviticus 18:22.


Right on dear Sam! People always forget that, God made us! Do they think God made a mistake?


aren't we made in God's creation? if God didn't want people to be gay he wouldn't have made them that way. also God is about love not about hate. Adam and Eve is about procreation. God says to love. not to hate. God also never told you that you should be judging others. that is for Him, and Him alone.


So God hates? Seriously? Homophobia is a disease! Do you really think people would choose to be ridiculed? I believe in God but I dont believe everything thats in the Bible is literal. Its all open to interpretation. Maybe we all developed from a single cell and not Adam and Eve. Either way you believe, its your choice. Its also my choice to believe you are a homophobic ass and theres a special place in hell for good Christians such as yourself. Crawl back in your cave buddy!


yes homosexuality is a disease its not natural people who thinks it's natural are out of their mind.there is no purpose behind homo relations you can not make family with it and the answer to Miley from some girl on twitter the other day sure make her speechless.yes this is the only truth (that Almighty God hate homosexuality because he created ADAM And EVE not ADAM and Steve.)Hidden message for those who thinks that homosexuals should allowed.