Miley Cyrus Takes Anti-Homophobia Stance on Twitter

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One of Hollywood's most outspoken supporters of gay marriage and LGBT equality, Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter to once again stand up for this important cause.

Cyrus - who actually wrote an editorial on the issue and also has a tattoo that expresses her beliefs - posted a photo on the social network yesterday that includes a close-up of her "favorite accessory of the day."

Along with this button, Miley included the hashtag #stopspreadinhate.

Miley Tweet Photo

Love Miley or hate Miley - and THG has certainly taken issue with some of her wardrobe choices and transparent attempts to break free from her Hannah Montana persona - you've gotta admire a celebrity for taking a controversial stand.

Cyrus also did so last month when she said parents ought to talk to their kids about sex.


Wow Miley is such a whore. She must be at also and just using this boy. What a slut I've always hated her!


Wow...I have to actually agree with you Hannah. You make a great statement. I am glad you can stand up for what you believe in and you're SO RIGHT!! :) People these days get so confused and so they end up acting out and saying that they are gay. And other stuff when they really aren't then they just feel awkward inside. And don't know what else to do. Marriage is between a man and a woman and it should stay that way! Thanks, Abby :)


Ok first of all, she shouldn't be doing what she's doing.
This girl has some big issues she doesn't know who she even is. And so she's telling all her lil 8 year old fans that being gay is cool. This is so WRONG! Miley cyrus needs to go away and leave. She sickens that crap out of me and everyone else I know! Being gay is a choice. And I think it's just stupid!!!! Being married is between and man and a woman. That's the way it's always been until some sick perv had to change it. For real people think about it. This is coming from some star that's only 18. It's like believing an 8 year old. The girl has problems with her family. And for all of you guys to start saying stuff about being a CHRISTIAN, well that's just wrong!!! You do not ever mock it or use it in that way. You guys are just as messed up in the head as Miley poop Cyrus. For real.....GET REAL!


I have to agree with miley! All love is actually equal! And God loves all people, including homosexuals.


Ali, there are gay animals..I'm guessing your beliefs doesn't include "don't judge others" and if it does, then you must not know your own religon. Let them be whatever the hell they want to be. They can't have what?? They damn sure help the problem of over crowed orphanages giving kids a better life. They aren't hurting you. If gays bother you that much, you obviously have your priorities messed up


Not everyone believes in God, so using your religion isn't a valid argument for this topic. Homosexuality may not be natural, but it doesn't make the people who are homosexual evil or bad in any way. It isn't their fault that they were born homosexual. It's no one's fault. And they have to live looked down on by a bunch of ignorant people that have no idea what they're talking about. But everyone has an opinion, and I respect it, even if I think their opinions are illogical.


I personally don't condone homosexuality. EWWWWWWWWWWWW...I'm scared! I'm scared! NOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I simply think it's wrong. Kills me how the gay crowd promotes the ridiculous concept that everyone who doesn't condone it is automatically SKEERED of it! Wake up! There's just folks that don't buy it so get over it!


@Ali: If you had any common sense at all, you wouldn't need anyone to explain to you the difference between homosexuality and murder. Put simply:murder harms others. I think it's kind of ironic that you, as a Muslim, are condemning gays as 'evil.' Let's not mention all the atrocities that your precious little Islam has condoned and committed. @Sam: The fact that homosexuals can't naturally reproduce is irrelevant. Just because someone can't have a baby doesn't mean they should be banned from marrying or being with the one they love. Not everybody can have a child and not everybody wants one either. That doesn't mean they should be condemned to a life of celibacy.


God loves all the people and want them to be for him! Everybody has the right to choose,but if he or she is making the wrong decision,you should be quiet about that?
What I wanna say is,we should discuss,not just siting quiet somewhere.
As we discuss them,we could get better result
And remember,there is a different between saying
It's right and I do it
It's not right,but I like to do it


Oh quit being the morality police.who people love has no effect on you. If anyone is going to judge our sins, it will be God and pretty sure spouting hate and saying God hates isnt very Christian. Who people choose to love is no ones business. Maybe everybody thinks your husband or wife is a sinner and going to hell. Who cares what others thing. Judge not, lest ye be judged! Or does that not fit your purpose to remember that one?

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